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You are beyond help...

July 23 2010 at 6:24 AM

Response to Well let's see.

you have to admit, some people who disagree with this president try to scare the middle of the road people by using his race/religion against him".

Have you been living under a rock? Do you not recall all the garbage spewed about his "white grandmother". As far as religion goes, what about the racist Pastor who's church he attended for so long. Probably forgot about that one to right?

"You cannot honestly say that you have not seen pics of this pres with a bone in his nose, his head on the body of a monkey (that one appears on my facebook page regularly),"

Monkey and chimp pictures? I guess these are similar to the pictures of George Bush that were/are going around the internet as well. I guess you haven't seen those have you?

"the white house in the middle of a watermelon patch, his place of birth continually questioned, his religion continually questioned, his loyalty to this country continually questioned, his wife's loyalty, the most disrespect for him and the office anyone has ever seen, he's been accused of hating white people, hating black people and so on".

I can honestly say I have not seen the "watermelon patch" pictures. His place of birth is and will continue to be questioned. HE has not stepped up to disprove the naysayers what so ever. I have not heard od anyone questioning his wife's loyalty. LOOK at the company he has kept over the years and tell me he doesn't have some sort distain for the government and people that are in the Bill Ayers line of thinking.

"I mean, this is ridiculous".

You're damn right it is. But elections do have consequences. I believe folks like you (white guilt) thought you were voting for something "cool". He was going to be the big uniter of color and he has been a complete failure in that arena.

"What has any of this got to do with his policies?"

I don't know, you tell me. The man is NOT qualified to run damn near anything. Now that is so apparent, the left has nothing else they can do but play the race card. It happens all the time.

"Heck, I don't agree with everything this man stands for, but now he is the president".

I respect the office, not the man.

"In couple of years we will get to pick again. But if you equate criticizing his policies to some of the racist elements that have come out of the closet, you are kidding yourself".

I hope you give all the people you may disagree with the same benefit of the doubt. I doubt it....

"Yes, he is a liberal, not even a radical one".

You're kidding right? Look at the people he has associated with in the past and current set of people and their past associations that surround him now.

"But if you listen to SOME networks or radio shows, you would think that the black people (and people of color) are coming for you and your children!!"

No, those weren't the Black Panthers in Philly trying to intimidate voters! They were part of a reggae band...

"And that my friend is true racism".

Warning people about certain groups they may intend to cause you harm has absolutley nothing to do with racism.

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  1. thanks - Anonymous on Jul 23, 9:43 AM
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