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Have you shared this thought with the dem leaders?

December 17 2010 at 9:21 PM

Response to Regardless some things some should be bipartisan


They are big on spending others money to help others. But why?

they do it to create a voter dependency environment where more and more voters are beholding to their party and thus more likely to vote for them in the future. Ironically, it is these dem-lib defenders of the poor that seem to become richer and richer while those minorties that they profess to care about become more and more dependent on govt mandates that steals money from others to pay the dem voters.

We now have almost three years of unemployment benefits for the first time in our history, including the great depression. Please tell me how this encourages voters to find jobs, or even actively want to find any paying job? Please tell me how employers are supposed to find additional money to fund their ever increasing unemployment payments? How does this make it more likely that employers can afford to hire new workers?

The dems are all about what "feels" good, never mind what the actual results of their programs actually create. Just look at how these feel good dem programs have destroyed the american afro american family since the New deal was rolled out in the late 60's. Heck, if our govt had handed out checks to every black/minority family instead of creating all the govt welfare programs most black families would be two parent millionaires today. But that hasnt been the dem focus because doing so would mean the dem party losing their control over those same voters.

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