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what you miss

April 21 2011 at 12:45 PM

Response to Yes.


and maybe on purpose, is that a great %age of those making less than 25k arent "making a living" on that wage or as is implied, supporting a family. Both my kids, ages 25 and 21 make less than that but aren't supporting themselves solely on that income. On the other end, some "retirees" may still work some and therefore have a taxable income and depending where they live, may be doing just fine on that. Also, those that have a much larger net worth but have an income of less than that. so you see there are many exceptions to the "those making under 25k" generalization.
Not all is as it seems.

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  1. agree with you - Anonymous on Apr 21, 1:35 PM
  3. Plus there's movement between income groups - Anonymous on Apr 21, 1:41 PM
  5. I missed nothing. The data speaks for itself. - Anonymous on Apr 21, 11:25 PM
    1. I think you did (and do) miss the point. - Anonymous on Apr 22, 9:28 AM
      1. Just - Anonymous on Apr 22, 10:26 AM
        1. Simply - Anonymous on Apr 22, 1:18 PM
          1. Ah, bring up the constitution. - Anonymous on Apr 22, 3:05 PM
            1. fire ready aim - Anonymous on Apr 22, 10:06 PM
            2. Re: Ah, bring up the constitution. - Anonymous on Apr 22, 11:12 PM
              1. Please prove your last paragraph. I hear that a lot. - Anonymous on Apr 23, 12:07 AM
                1. Social Security - j s on Apr 23, 8:49 AM
                2. Here's the proof - Anonymous on Apr 23, 9:24 PM
                  1. that's because libby enjoys donating your money not theirs - Anonymous on Apr 25, 8:45 AM
        2. Misery Love's Company - Anonymous on Apr 25, 6:21 AM
          1. Re: Misery Love's Company - Anonymous on Apr 25, 9:13 AM
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