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Social Security

April 23 2011 at 8:49 AM
j s 

Response to Please prove your last paragraph. I hear that a lot.


Great debate, good stuff on both sides.

The problem with Social Security is not as much the program itself but with the people (congress) who oversee the funds.

When the Social Security "trust fund" is added into the general budget and then spent in it's entirety along with the general budget that it a huge problem. If the feds could have kept their hands off of those dollars all these years we would not be facing this crisis.

With the new media, it has become increasingly clear that the folks that hold the seats in Washington's first priority is keeping their job, and they will pander to whatever group will provide them that opportunity, be it business, greenies, right wingers, defense contractors, whoever will support their campaigns with $$$ and votes. It is not new, it has always been this way we are just more aware of it.

Real solutions are going to require leadership and some tough decisions, and these guys and gals are more worried about their jobs than actually fixing the problem. Look at the budget "compromise"....36 billion of a 1.4 Trillon dollar budget....with both sides slapping each other on the back and glowing rhetoric from the White house about how they came together for the country. What a load of crap (pardon my french). How many of us have to cut 10 - 20 - 30 percent of their personal budgets in the last few years, and they are wringing their hands over what, less that 1%.

Voting matters.

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