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OK, OK, we get it.

September 23 2011 at 8:20 AM


Most on this forum do not like Obama. He is not the type of leader we need right now. We get it. But let's try to spin the conversation away from Obama and on to who and how someone will move this country forward. If you truly care, you will stop the attacks and convince others why someone else is right for the job. Many in America, much like this forum, are enamoured with hate for some reason. If those that are opposed to Obama truly believe in the constitution and in a Judeo-Christian ethic then live it and act on it.

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  1. Re: OK, OK, we get it. - Anonymous on Sep 23, 8:37 AM
    1. I guess you don't get it..... - Anonymous on Sep 23, 10:29 AM
    2. Re: OK, OK, we get it. - Anonymous on Sep 23, 11:50 AM
      1. Just forget it. There is no hope for someone like you. - Anonymous on Sep 23, 4:47 PM
  2. Spin - Anonymous on Sep 23, 8:52 AM
    1. You are the prime example of why this country is in such a mess. - Anonymous on Sep 23, 10:29 AM
      1. Positive Spin - Anonymous on Sep 23, 10:40 AM
        1. My voter registration card proves otherwise. - Anonymous on Sep 23, 10:44 AM
          1. mine doesn't - Anonymous on Sep 23, 11:51 AM
            1. It's always something with you. Look up the word paranoid. - Anonymous on Sep 23, 4:31 PM
      2. Why is someone who is diametrically oppossed to O's ploicies considered to "hate"? - Anonymous on Sep 24, 8:44 PM
  3. I'm positive - Anonymous on Sep 23, 12:13 PM
    1. You also do not get it. - Anonymous on Sep 23, 4:31 PM
  4. No, you don't - Anonymous on Sep 23, 12:23 PM
    1. Only a stupid or ignorant person would not already know this. - Anonymous on Sep 23, 4:35 PM
      1. Yet Obama's approval rating is 43%. - Anonymous on Sep 23, 4:46 PM
        1. Do you have a brain in that skull of yours? - Anonymous on Sep 23, 4:49 PM
          1. You're right. - Anonymous on Sep 23, 4:52 PM
        2. I'd say I approved of him too as long as he continues unemployment - Anonymous on Sep 24, 11:31 AM
  5. tell your man in Washington the same thing - Anonymous on Sep 26, 6:29 PM
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