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You and the others who responded have no clue.

December 7 2011 at 12:11 PM

Response to right back at you!

You say the same things over and over and yet the Republicans with all the grand ideas to fix this country, just can't seem to get it done, even when they have all the cards. Stop this us vs them mentality. Yeah, I know, I'll save you the trouble of relying with "Obama is doing that too". I already conceded that, but at least he is trying to take care of those that need the help while those that have everything cry about losing what they through away everyday. If we are going to let those with the wealth and power control this republic then we have no republic. You spend so much time telling everyone what is wrong and that the solutions you propose are the way and have the support of the American people; if that is the case, then why is it not so? You still only see things from your perspective and you wonder why nothing gets done. I acknowledge your perspective and can understand where you are coming from. We have lazy citizens that want most everything for nothing. Yeah, we will always have those people, but they are a drop in the bucket. It is the great numbers of those who want what you and I have and are willing to work for it, that can't find/get a job, and if they have a job, or two, they can barely make ends meet so they will never get it. Yeah, lets just throw them out and make them use their rugged individualism to survive. If they are poor they should be sterilized so they can;t have any kids or they should just suck it up when they get sick. We live in a bubble of affluence that 95% of the world just dreams about. We exploit those countries around the world for their resources and enjoy those resources while 90% of that countries population wallows in poverty at standards WAY below what we consider poverty.

Let's see, Christians are supposed to make others see the light and are supposed to love the enemy in an effort to do so. Your view is to just kill off the enemy and discard those who don't see the light. Not what the Bible is all about and not what our constitution is all about. Yes, you have to defend yourself against attack, that is basic survival and at the core of human existence, but civilized societies take care of the weakest among us.

You/others rattle off things like smaller government, rugged individualism, no support nets, less taxes, yet you do so because you only see it from "your" perspective. You have what you need, some don't have anything. It does not mean we just give them those things, but it is the responsibility of the those that have gained the blessings of this country to help the least fortunate in our society. When we walk away from that we are no longer a country that is governed by the people, for the people and less than what all human beings should aspire to do.

I could care less what party you support. We need to work together to find solutions that help ALL of us, not just a segment of our society that has more than enough. Yeah, that is inclusiveness thinking, but better inclusive at a lower standard of living so suffering is reduced, than exclusive so the suffering increases under that selfishness.

Capitalism is not a perfect system. No system is. Does it give everyone a chance to succeed? Yes, it does, but not everyone can be at the top. We will always have those that are at the bottom for many different reasons. If we all run our own business or reach the top of someone else's business, who will pick up the trash, who will police our streets, who will care for our elderly, who will fight our wars, who will serve the food? None of these people are less of a human being than you or I, but that hierarchy is basic to our existence and will always be with us. If some want to exploit that, at both top and bottom, then that is the price we pay so that the majority of us to live with dignity and safety. No matter what system we set up there are those who will try to do as little as possible to get what they need and those that will do all they can to gain more than what they need.

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  1. More Liberal Verbal Vomit...eom - Anonymous on Dec 7, 2011, 1:05 PM
  3. Once again, you offer no solutions. - Anonymous on Dec 7, 2011, 1:09 PM
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