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546 of them, actually less

December 19 2011 at 9:36 AM

Response to Such a worn out comment and reflects someone who has no clue how


435 reps
100 senators
1 prez
1 VP
9 justices

well, actually

218 reps (50%)
50 senators (VP breaks tie)
1 prez
1 VP
5 justices

275 can bring down this country. throw in a few unaccoutable czars and cabinet secretaries and there you go.

complements? legistaltive branch and prez have some of the worst approval ratings ever recorded, regardless of party. I think that speaks to the idea of a 'complment.'

business leaders can only break their own companies. It takes government to really screw things up. And they have.

I caught a bit of Stossel the other night, talking with people about O-care. 3 CEOs, none wanting to hire because the costs are unknown. One gave an example of someone starting a company and the bank/investors asking what the payroll would look like for the first 3 years. And the company founder would NOT be able to predict this, even knowing the anticipated number of employees, because there are so many rules under O-care that are TBD by the 'secretary' that it's impossible to plan for payroll. That was done by just a few more than the minimum of 275 (unless the court ends up throwing the whole mess out).

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