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Talking with you is like talking to an infant.

March 9 2012 at 4:10 PM

Response to Once again.

You only have one response. The question has been answered, but if you need more detail....

Those personalities you mentioned were not boycotted nor asked to step down, because they did not do the same thing as Rush in the context of the standards set forth for each medium. It is not just the word, it is how you use it and where and when the word is used. People understand what Maher is about and know the type of comedian/satirist he is. People pay to watch him and right or wrong expect strong language to make a point. Rush has sponsors who advertise on his show because they think the demographic is there. It is not expected from Rush to use obscene or insulting language when giving his opinion as a political pundit. Rush is not entertainment, he is a political talking head. His routine is to pick a topic, and pontificate why his opinion is the right opinion. He will take callers and spar with them. If he is getting a few lumps he cuts the caller off or shouts over him and most all cases with belittling comments. One of his favorite is "Feminazi". Personally that label is childish and rather insulting, not only to women specifically, but to anyone who happened to have fought against the Nazi party in WWII. Of course Rush talks a big game, and as we all know avoided serving in the military, so his chicken hawk persona deflates his arguments. His attack on Fluke, the manner and frequency of the name calling, reflects something not expected by his audience and definitely not expects by his sponsors. His standard with regard language is higher than that of someone on HBO. Those that subscribe to HBO know this and has been common knowledge ever since HBO has been on cable. Just like the standards are different for NBC, ABC Fox, etc versus cable. You may not like it, but those are the current standards, although stations like Fox are putting on shows that challenge that standard all the time. Also, Rush made his comments over 50 times in two days and was emphatic when making them. No hint of sarcasm or any other type of humor. Maher said his once on one show. Again, the standards are different. I personally think Maher uses too much profanity and would be as good without it, but that's his stichk and it works well enough for him to remain an HBO show. The final say in whether a sponsor approves or disapproves is up to them. You don't like what Maher says, don't pay for HBO, that is your right. Just my opinion.

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