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Re: You have a right to

May 18 2012 at 12:50 PM

Response to You have a right to


your opinions. You don't have the right to force such opinions on others outside the laws of civil discourse, common sense, and public domain.

Like our government does?

We have far too many talking heads who actually speak as if they created the world or invented radio frequencies or any other connections.

created the world, innented radio frequencies? Did have one too many or one too few cups of joe this morning?

They will be out of work when people quit endorsing their hateful and negative one-sided slants for personal gain. Much of their merits are lost on deception and failing to be honest about their agendas.

That is capitalism. Glad you agree with it. Care to name those YOU disagree with? There are dozens of talk radio hosts...

Healthy discussions would include other perspectives and not denigrate people who disagree on a few issues.

Oh, like the Senate democrats (and the former House leadership) allowing for debate of republican amendments?

Our system and culture has some advantages, yet it is not without fault and is being forced to alter course through enlightenment and letting go of some very destructive habits. Who is resisting and why?

Your views. What destructive habits? Spending beyond it's means?

Both sides have much to learn and share. Listen more. Just say no more often to those who would abuse others for profit.

Why do you assume that there are 2 sides? Can there be a divided America? Or, does a house divided, fall?

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