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King Rat Roy Lying Again

October 20 2010 at 3:16 PM


I think we know why we voted for his exit before.

Set up the 'reporters' and then adds more sound than was actually present...

Roy Barnes adds his own soundtrack to Nathan Deals exit
9:51 am October 20, 2010, by Jim Galloway

You no doubt remember the hasty exit made by Republican nominee for governor Nathan Deal from a debate last week at The Temple in Atlanta.

A video clip, shot by a tracker paid by the state Democratic party, quickly landed here. And this week, the campaign of Democrat Roy Barnes converted the video into a 30-second TV spot.

But over at 11Alive, Jon Shirek noticed that, while the video looked much the same, it sounded different. The Barnes campaign had altered the voices in the background:

During the debate, in a 6 p.m. broadcast, Dale Russell of Fox5 had broken the story about Deals attempt to have maintenance of a private road he owned assumed by Hall County. At The Temple, reporters were waiting to ask Deal about it.

Writes Shirek:

Instead of the sound of the three Atlanta reporters, two women and a man, who were actually there calling out a few questions to Deal as he walked down two hallways, into a lobby and out the door, there are additional voices added to the clip in the ad an additional man and woman who were not, in fact, there asking questions.

The added voices shout at Deal loudly and often, as if the commercial were showing an actual news clip of Deal dodging a barrage of questions from a crowd of reporters demanding that he immediately come clean and stop avoiding the controversies.

There are two, 30-second versions the ad one thats mostly narration from an announcer, with the shouted questions popping up frequently amidst the narration; and a version that is mostly sound of the shouted questions. Both versions are currently running in the Atlanta television market and elsewhere in Georgia .

Most voters are not going to realize that that is a somewhat canned ad, its not totally accurate, said Georgia State University Political Science Professor Steve Anthony on Tuesday. Its been enhanced to get a point across. But, nevertheless, its not a totally honest depiction of something that occurred in real life.

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He's lying - his lips are moving

October 20 2010, 3:31 PM 

He's lying - his lips are moving

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Vote for Fenn Little

End John Lewis' sleepy days

October 20 2010, 3:52 PM 

Vote for Fenn Little

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More Where That Came From

October 21 2010, 8:19 AM 

I'm talking about Roy Barnes, the Democrat running for Governor of Georgia. Now Barnes has made it absolutely clear throughout the campaign that is will be the teacher's union governor if he's elected. Thinking Georgians know that they can kiss any chances of school reform, school choice and teacher accountability goodbye for the next four years if Barnes is elected.

Over the past few days Barnes has engaged in what I think are absolutely the sleaziest campaign advertisements I've ever seen. Roy Barnes is trying to make women in Georgia think that if Nathan Deal is elected governor they might be raped.

Let me try to paint the image in one of Barnes' TV ads for you. There's a mini-van parked in the middle of an empty parking lot ... at night. The lights are flashing and the alarm is sounding. You get a close-up of the keys still in the door lock. As the camera pans back you see a broken bag of groceries scattered across the parking lot. There's the spilled milk running along the ground. In the meantime the announcer tells you that Nathan Deal, Barnes' republican opponent, supported a law that would allow "sleazy lawyers" to question rape victims while representing the man accused with the rape.

Now what DOESN'T Barnes' ad tell you? Well ... let's see:

· The U.S. Constitution guarantees to the accused the right to confront all witnesses against him. That means that an accused rapists' trial lawyer gets to ask testimony of the rape victim under oath. Roy Barnes is a trial lawyer. He knows this.

· Barnes' ad is based on work by Nathan Deal to conform the rules of evidence in Georgia with the federal rules of evidence. This has been done in 42 of the 50 states.

· Roy Barnes served on the Georgia State Bar Evidence Committee during the time the Georgia rules of evidence were being reviewed and approved the very legislation that he is slamming Deal for supporting.

· Roy Barnes was a trial lawyer ... he defended criminals

· Nathan Deal was a prosecutor .. he put rapists in prison.

This really speaks to the character of Roy Barnes. Can you stoop much lower than suggesting to Georgia women that they will end up being violently attacked, abducted, raped and .. who knows? ... possibly killed if they vote for his opponent?

I've known Roy Barnes for years. He was a guest in my home when he was last Governor. I didn't know he had this in him.


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and Boortz would know

October 21 2010, 12:45 PM 

He is a lawyer as well.

King Rat is showing his true nature, and at least 40% of your fellow Georgian's support this S-O-B. The placemat flag issue? Only the democrats knew it would be up for a vote. So much for an open, honest candidate.

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