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first "cold"hunt of the year.disco with an assist from daq.

December 5 2009 at 12:31 PM
danceswithpellets  (Login danceswithpellets)
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ok.ok,im spoiled rotten.anything under 50degrees f. is cold to me.the temp has been dipping into the 40s here at the cape fear coast.add to that its also rainy.i took the disco out for an after noon adventure to just get away for a few hours.i fixed a gas heater for a guy last week who owns a small horse farm in the area and was happy to have me do some pesting around the place altho he asked that no deer or bear be shot.this now gives me about 2000 available acers to hunt on.his farm is pie shaped with an abandoned home in one corner and the new stables in the center.the home site was my first stop.after sitting on the porch for a while i decided that it wasnt a good spot having not seen anything at all move.i walked to the stables as i came up to the side of the building i seen a grey rat scury under a feed bin!man oh man i like ratting.i sat in his golf cart and shot 3 rats over the next hour or so.even in my cover alls i was getting stiff from the chill and drizzle so i went in the stables shared a granola bar with a beutiful quarter horse named quick and warmed up a little.when i was leaving the stable i seen a quick flash by the equipment shed.useing my rifle scope to glass i saw the unmistakable shape of a fox ear on the far side of the john deer mower.i stopped and took a knee to wait for a open shot.i could hear some scratching and noise but could only catch a glimps of him now and then.i went up to the hay loft and got the rifle rested on a hay i had a safe range finder had a dead battery so i used the range him.45 yards was the distance and 18 feet up with a swirling wind.the fox was scratching,digging and kicking in on of my hosts deer corn piles.not eating just tearing it up.i think he peeed in it too.i waited for a brake in the wind and with the cross hairs centered between his eyes i sent a jsb 15.9 to meet him.the shot went low by 3inches hiting him in the neck the fox jumped straight up in the air and ran.OH NOOOOO!!!i went down to the pile and had blood.the wet leaves showed big drops helping me track him to a scrap pile.blood trail in no trail out.i listened and heard a weezing sound.i laid the disco down and pulled my daq .25 out of my jacket and went i pulled back a rotten pallit he was there.i sent a milboro 19gr rhino into the foxs left ear ending his suffering.i felt ashamed that i had shot him badly but releived i could end it quickly.i put the fox in my back pack and started for the truck useing the time walking to reflect on my bad shot.i relalised that i had not compamsated for the live and learn. [IMG][linked image][/IMG] [IMG][linked image][/IMG] [IMG][linked image][/IMG] [IMG][linked image][/IMG] this guy had an unusualy short little tail if you look at some other of my posts this fox tail is 25 percent shorter then the ones i normaly see.the foxs are super healthy this year and plentyfull.thanks for reading

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