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modification to original stats...

July 11 2011 at 6:55 PM
gabe  (Login lillysdad621)
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Response to I mostly 'pest' hunt with a pistol...

I have not held my side of the promise, as i havent posted a pic of the pistola yet. Truth of the matter is that i was having a really hard time grouping with that setup and tore the gun down several times to figure out why it would shoot 4 or 5 shots in a group, then throw a flyer, then another, then group again, and so on and so forth... it drove me insane, to the point i wanted to turn that barrel on myself...(jk)and then it hit me... so i tested the crown and rifling and voila! mangled pellet skirts... So, out of a barrel (and not proficient enough to recrown), my only option was barrel replacement. So i ended up using a 14 inch barrel that i had left over on the bench, that had been recrowned already (cut from a 24 incher) by the gunnies at Cobra Airguns. After installation and testing i came to the conclusion that it would be grossly underpowered and i did not want to wound any game, so I took the valve out, ported the gas port, resprung what i could with stiffer springs and that netted me a completely different animal.
So MK2 version of the hunter pistol pushes rws hobbies (11.9gr) at 540 fps for also 30 consistent shots. Also, having the opportunity to try some Ft pistol rigs, i became a firm believer in the Taco Hold and the use of riflescopes in a pistol. Ditched the original glass, now at the helm you'll find a bug buster 6x with AO and illuminated mildot reticle... Wicked...
So far i have had only a chance to measure it up with the spinners at home and let me tell you, at 25 yards the impact is serious!. I will be taking her for a field test to the local farm... but i nexpect it to do very well. Till then, au revoir...

PS. before the power test, i run some benched groups at 10 yards. Little cloverleafs with mostly anything. But wadcutters seem to be the pistols favorite pellets, be it meisterkulgens, hobbies, Gamo match (worst group, but still impressive) and crosman flatheads. So we are good in that department.

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