Fuller Park & The Urban Legends of Athens, Texas

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One of The Wildest Stories Yet

November 16 2006 at 3:10 PM
David R. Williams "Your Host"  (Login Hawk_The_Slayer)

A gentle wind was blowing the fallen leaves down the concrete street when an old woman stepped onto the well worn wooden planks of her front porch.

There was a large pumpkin shaped bowl full of candy in her hands to prepare for the throng of trick or treaters that were about to come.

Her back popped loudly as she sat down in her antique rocking chair as she sat the bowl of candy down on a small tv tray.

She fished a wooden match out of her pocket to light the Jack-O-Lantern with.

She loved All Hallows Eve, as it was always her favorite holiday.

She Pulled the pumpkin from its resting place at the feet of the rocker & then she lit the match and the small candle inside.

She then lifted a slightly gnarled hand to pull out the hairpins that secured her long silver hair into a well tended bun.

She then began putting all the pins into her left hand and used her right hand to free her hair until it flowed down her shoulders and down her back.

Even though the daylight wasn't completely gone, the moon was rising in the evening sky.

Her brows knit as she saw the blood red streak already forming across the face of the moon.

"Blood on the moon means death follows soon" she said absently to herself as she rose to gather white candles to bedeck the porch with.

Next to the bowl of candy sat a small intricately carved box with her cards in it.

Parents often lingered to get their cards read & she was more than happy to oblidge them for a small price.

Now, as she had done for as many years as she could remember, after the small children had gone home to their safe beds, she would tell town lore to the older children and adults who sat at her feet to hear her tales of days gone by.

How she loved to tell them of the history of Athens, especially the urban legends & if she could throw a good scare into them, all the better & this year would be no different.

Soon the small children began to arrive to get their sugary treats & the evening became a blur of Powerpuff Girls, Jason Hockey Masks and oddly enough, a boy dressed up as the Pink PowerRanger, to which she just couldn't help but laugh at him.

Soon enough they waned down and then the teenagers and the college boys dressed as cheerleaders began to arrive with their dates in tow & they began to cluster at the large elm tree at the street end of her walkway.

She motioned them to her porch and offered them cokes & soon there were 20 adults, teenagers and college kids, just waiting to be regailed and hopefully scared by the old woman.

She cleared her throat to signal she was about to begin and the group fell silent.

"Well, what shall we do this year?" She asked with one eyebrow cocked.

"Do Monkey Road!" piped one boy

"No, do Fuller Park!" piped another

"Everyone here knows that Athens lies in The Buckle of The Baptist Belt, but how many of you know its roots are anchored in Witchery over 2 centuries old?

Over these 200 years it has been layered with generation upon generation of witchcraft that has left many marks upon our city & a curse that has yet to be lifted.

Over time there has come to be 5 stone markers that form an aerial view marking the points of a pentagram.

The stones are unlike any rock found anywhere near Athens and are a mystery in and of themselves.

(The Virgin Rock????? - Your Host)

Though Penecostal and Baptist Churches line our streets, Magic and Witchery prevails & Fuller Park bears one of these stones and it has been said that the Fullers themselves laid it there with their own hands.

The stone in Fuller Park marks the entrance to The Tunnels that run underground connecting the points of The Pentagram.

The Fullers originally built the park for the wealthy citizens to enjoy and even installed monkey cages to amuse the rich.

It is said that the Fullers haunt the park to this day, disgusted with the way the park has fallen to disarray and neglect.

Their labor of love forsaken by the future generations.

So they walk the park as spectors and will not rest until the park has been restored to its former glory.

It is also said that when the moon is rising full, like tonight, you can hear the freed monkeys running wild and screeching for the Fullers to feed them.

You can hear them, but never see them."

"What you dont hear about are the tunnels and the horrific incident that they housed & how in the early 40's, a small band of religious zealots forced a group of people that were known to be witches into the tunnel and locked them in the tunnels to perish of starvation.

Once they were dead they returned to cleanse the tunnels by fire, but what they didnt know, was that not all of the coven were contained inside the tunnels.

Three men remained outside the tunnels and were unsuspected of their witchery.

These men were very prominent in society, for One was a Truant Officer, One a Masonite and another was a well known Carpenter & these men were incensed by the treachery of these "Men of God".

They grouped together and began compiling research on evocation and worked the rest of their natural lives digging up arcane rituals.

They passed this all down to the next generation until in the early 80's it came down to a young man named Todd Talbert.

He finished the work the men had started and came up with the end rite to be performed.

Todd Talbert was a handsome popular man of 20 who had a steady job as a groundskeeper at the Athens Country Club.

He was also well known as a Devout Satanist.

He took magic to its darkest places & in 1982, Todd performed the ritual in his workshed at the Country Club.

An eerie red glow oozed between the slats of the makeshift door to the workshop & One by one he drew out the souls of the poor perished people of the tunnels and greeted them with a sneering smile.

He set them forth to punish the ancestors of those responsible for their deaths, many of whom didn't even know what their forefathers had done & One by one the ancestors died or were commited to the local nut house."

"One week later, on Halloween, Todd Talbert was killed in a car wreck on monkey road.

The passenger in the car was thrown clear through the passenger side window."

The old lady finished her story & it was then that a movement by The Old Elm Tree caught her eye.

"Todd, is that you?" she called out

"Of course it is Mother, who else?" a voice replied from behind the group.

By: Rachel Massey Duncan

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Todd Tolbert ? hmmmm...

November 16 2006, 3:22 PM 

I read this story while doing my research. But I haven't found anything on him yet. There is another similar story on warphead.com ... do a search on Athens Texas and this one along with another pops up! crazy shit. I'm going to continue my research on Todd Tolbert, who knows... maybe one of us kind find something interesting!


David R. Williams "Your Host"
(Login Hawk_The_Slayer)

Rachel Massey Duncan

November 16 2006, 3:36 PM 

Graduated From Athens High School in 1985.

David R. Williams "Your Host"
(Login Hawk_The_Slayer)


November 17 2006, 7:12 AM 

That would be Todd Talbert.

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Rachel Massey Duncan
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What does one need to know of Todd?

January 20 2007, 7:34 PM 

Todd dated a friend of mine in the early 80's.I hung out with Todd more than once. He was a self-professed High Ritual Satanist.He worked on the greens of the country club and placed the 5 points of the pentagram in stone markers.

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Rachel Massey Duncan
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more answers about Todd

January 22 2007, 3:56 PM 

Sorry Slayer, but the girlfriend I had that dated him is dead due to drug overdose.Tood was killed on the end of monkey road.He was with a boy by the name of Mark Shaffer riding shotgun.Mark was thrown from from the vehical and survived,but handsome Todd was killed instantly when his Mustang wrapped around a tree.

The points of the pentagram are still on the greens of the country club.They are not kept up but they are there.An aerial view will probably reveal them.

The stone markers that mark the entrance to Fuller Park are rumored to be of stone completely unavailable in our area.Fuller Park itself is way overgrown and the monkey cages are in complete disrepair and falling to the ground rapidly.I havent heard of anyone actually trying to go in there these days.

stephanie roberts
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entrances to all tunnels in athens ,tx.

November 11 2007, 5:18 PM 

I live here in athens, texas and recently I was curious about all the rumers of the underground tunnels and gravesites out at Fullers Park. Its very run down out there,people who have absolutly no respect have spay painted both Mr. and Mrs. Fullers headstones.Theres no way in unless you walk a mile. The place is huge. I also explored behind the Buget in.Nothing at all resembling any tunnell.Im a Taurus so I dont give up easily. We took some pics out at Fullers park.When they get developed maybe someing mysterious will be seen on them.I hope so.Next Im gonna go to the country club and look around there.Im an adventurous person by nature,so Im realy lovin this shit. Ill update you all every time.Thanx for your time.

Bud Rigsby
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Rachel doesn't have a clue!

October 2 2009, 10:09 AM 

This is in response to Rachel Massey Duncan. You have no clue what your bloging about Todd died on HWY 31 coming back into town I was at the scene minutes after the crash and didn't see you anywhere stop makin up this shit and get your facts right.

Bud Rigsby
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Rachel has no clue.

October 2 2009, 10:15 AM 

O and by the way Todd did not graduate in 85 he died Jan first 82 about 1245 am. Reading your blogs and facts that arent true just pisses me off.

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Re: One of The Wildest Stories Yet

October 13 2009, 10:55 AM 

How funny people are. We were just there last night. I had taken my sister there for the first time. We had drove our truck back there and they had cleared out a big opening. The monkey cage could easily be fixed. It is still standing and very strong. The barn is what is falling down and should not be entered. I have great luck at finding the correct information on places and tend to do more research on this. Also it is a damn shame that some idiot has spray painted the head stones. It is jerks like this that ruin it for the rest of us. If you would leave things alone then they wouldn't be closed down. I have been there an awful lot and have yet to get any "eerie" pics. I did get a questionable pic from the old hospital last night. I will not post it until I am sure it is what I think it is. If any of you know of any other place I can check out please email me. I am really into this and would love to see and know more. Thank you

Rita W.
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You have no clue to what you are talking about...

April 24 2011, 8:26 PM 

First of all...we were all hanging out at a video game arcade that night...Todd was taking his friends home in crescent heights...I was waiting for him to return in the parking lot. He had Mark in he car with him...he was in a rush to get back so we could talk..he was no where near monkey road...he lost control of the car (comet, not a mustang) ran into the cars parked at Malone's Garage on hwy 31. He was a senior, and was only 17 at the time of his death and was to graduate in 1882. He did not work for the country club at all...yes we were drinking..after all it was New Years Eve. You need to clean up your own back yard and quite talking trash about something you know nothing about. Todd was dating a girl named Angela they broke up weeks before..and Todd and I got back together that night...she is not dead. Who was this girl...you have no clue. Can you do me a favor and let him rest in peace..he was a gentle sole who wont hurt anyone...and he was no satonist...Do something more with your time than make stuff up about people who arent here anymore to defend themselves against people who make up stuff to get their name in print....Seriously, get a life !!!!!
Who are you anyway...I have never heard of you before...and you didn't know Todd and his friends like I do..so leave Todd's memory alone.

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Re: One of The Wildest Stories Yet

July 27 2011, 5:07 PM 

She's not gonna comment cause she knows she is wrong. She want the attention these vidos guys are giving her. And, he is not gonna take it out of his story that he is making on Athens cause hers sounds more creepy and creepy sales. If that is not true he would have already edited the u tube clip. It does not take much to verify the truth. There have been alot of wrecks in Athens some under much more mystery then his but you dont see them on here.

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Re: One of The Wildest Stories Yet

January 21 2017, 3:42 AM 

Todd Talbert is resting in Union Cemetery just south of Cross Roads Tx,. There's even a picture of him on the headstone. Also I believe his father is in the same plot.

Your Host
(Login Hawk_The_Slayer)

The Gravesite of Todd Mitchell Tolbert

May 28 2017, 4:32 AM 

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