Fuller Park & The Urban Legends of Athens, Texas

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The Athens, Texas Country Club

November 17 2006 at 10:32 AM
"Your Host" D.R.W.  (Login Hawk_The_Slayer)

Here are a few pictures which need some explanations. A few years ago, I am not sure when as of yet, the Old Country Club Burned Down & they Built this new one.

What they didn't do however was remove The Ancient "Virgin Rock" Walls & other structures surrounding the building itself.

I am a bit curious though, as to whether or not the Old Building was built out of this Virgin Rock?

Here we have one of the Sacrificial Tables sitting beside what appears to be a Fireplace. This however is not the original Sacrificial Oven that I have made mention too in earlier threads.

Upon Closer Inspection, we see that the Base floor of this structure retains the infamous "Virgin Rock"

Could this be a Ghostly apparition coming in for a look at what is going on (or) just the shadow of "The Host" taking the picture of The Scarificial Table?

I find it interesting to note that the Concrete Slab on top of The Sacrificial Table is actually newer than the Table itself. One can't help but wonder what exactly might be hidden from curious eyes?

A Closer inspection of the "Fireplace" reveals a cutout on either side of the main structure, so that perhaps some form of Satanic Idol or Satanic Candle can be placed there while an Evil & Twisted Ritual takes place.

Now here's one that I took special notice of, or rather that my lovely girlfriend pointed out to me. Could this grassy knoll be perhaps a covered up entrance into one of the Rumored Tunnels underneath the city?

On the other side of The Country Club, just outside the Pool Area, I found this Gazebo like structure in front of the Tennis Courts. You will notice that the circular base is made out of "Virgin Rock" while the newer steps are made from bricks and the base floor is now nothing more than a slab of Concrete & not the original "Virgin Rock" Floor. Could this have been the spot that I remember where the Original Sacrifical Oven & Table with it's Benches have been? What are they trying to hide out there @ The Athens Country Club?

And last but certainly not least, Old West Hall, The Dorm at the former HCJC where I lived & learned about a lot of the strange things in Athens, Texas. Just behind this building is a new structure that was not there some 20+ Years ago just across the creek, where I could see the Original Sacrificial Table, Benches & Oven from on a daily basis. I ask again, what are they trying to keep hidden, there in Athens, Texas?

The Truth Must Be Known

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time machine needed!

November 17 2006, 11:14 AM 

I love the pics! particularly interesting is the circle of grass that your G-friend pointed out! mmm... mental note: bring shovel. lol. If only we could see things in there natural state, as they were 30+ years ago.. hell 90 years ago! so much has been covered up! must find out if the ceremonies where moved, or if all those rituals are a thing of the past! again, all we can do is observe the covered settings of the past... even if we where to breach the tunnel system, how much is covered up down there? someone has to know something....

"Your Host" D.R.W.
(Login Hawk_The_Slayer)

I Have An Idea

November 17 2006, 11:26 AM 

We need to visit all of The Henderson County Old Folks Homes.

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November 17 2006, 2:34 PM 

What a great idea!! YOU KNOW there'll someone there that might know something! The problem is..... you can't just walk in with a camera, or start talking to random people during "soup time". I guess someone might be able to call in advance to make sure it would be ok. Great idea, but how do you go about doing it? especially if you don't have a relative already in the home "to give you a reason to be there in the first place"
Maybe I'm over thinking it. Shouldn't be that hard.... I GOT IT!! we can interview and ask questions about the "History" of Athens, TX... that can be the "foot-in-the-door" to ask the REAL questions!

So let it be written.


"The Host of This Show"
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Slow Down Justin

November 17 2006, 3:04 PM 

Man, you young whipper snappers sure do get excited easily.

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Re: Slow Down Justin

November 17 2006, 4:01 PM 

I've done a ton of projects, and from my experiences there are two types of people. #1 people who talk about doing things, and making things happen. #2 people who actually do it. ( Justin = #2 )
BUT!!! it gets me in trouble sometimes cause I act on things so quickly with out preparing ... that I end up hurting myself. But that only happens 1 out of 20 times! so I continue to rush into things and bank on my instincts to get me through.
I'll take "gut instinct" before "staling over details" ANY DAY.


"The Host of The Show"
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Re: Slow Down Justin

November 17 2006, 4:05 PM 

I Hear Ya Son, I Hear Ya.

You MUST Admit though, what we are wanting to do in this case is a bit different and should be taken slowly & w/some degree of caution.

As an example, you should read THIS Following Link:


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November 17 2006, 4:25 PM 

I read that article yesterday during my research! that's pretty fucked up what happen to that guy.... hopefully we don't get the life threatening choke hold, or the "red" needle!! that sounds shitty, huh... lol ...the "red" needle....

"The Host"
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The Mysterious Half Moon Pool

November 19 2006, 12:36 PM 

According to legend, the Half Moon Pool refuses to hold water after a young boy had been killed there. No Cracks, Drain Holes or Holes of any kind in the pool, and yet when you fill it with water, the water is gone by the next day.

I could not actually take pictures of the Half Moon Pool itself, but I did see it through a hedge behind the house in the following pictures, and not only has it been rebuilt into a swimming pool, but it is also now Holding Water.

I do not remember the house being there from years past & the pool itself used to be visible to the public eye, but now it is hidden from plain view.

One can't help but wonder why?

If you see these pictures and you know who lives in this house, do not be afaid to leave a message here as I will personally be knocking on their door one day in the future.

Strangely enough, this house is built out of the mysterious "Virgin Rock" as well.

"Your Host"
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Entering Fuller Park

November 20 2006, 10:48 AM 

My Pictures turned out quite well, and I am most pleased.

A long time ago, there used to be another Great Stone Wall made out of the now infamous "Virgin Rock" that stood just behind the Great Iron Gate that you see in this first picture, that we would have to walk around after slipping in behind the Iron Poles on either side of the Great Iron Barrier that is now open in order to gain access to Fuller Park, but as you can clearly see, the Great Inside Stone Wall no longer exists.

And apparently over the years, there has been much destruction to the existing wall as is evident in this next picture.

Here we see my lovely girlfriend sitting on the Stone Slab which has layed across from The Fuller Gravesite for as long as I can remember. Could this Stone Slab cover the entrance to one of the rumored Tunnels?

In this next photo, we see where the site for the Fuller Family Graveyard was built in 1934, which leads one to believe that Mr. Fuller knew well in advance that Mrs. Fuller who died in 1938, was on her way out the door.

Here of course is the Fuller Family Graveyard as seen from the Right Hand Corner as you walk into Fuller Park itself.

The Fuller Family Graveyard as seen from Right to Left.

Mrs. Fullers Headstone lying on the ground to the right of Mr. Fuller.

Mrs. Fullers Grave.

Mr. Fullers Headstone as seen leaning against the back fence bar to the Left of Mrs. Fullers Headstone. This is the very first time that I have ever seen it in any position other than on the headstone stand itself.

Mr. Fullers Grave.

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Rachel Massey Duncan
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Todd practiced here

January 22 2007, 4:04 PM 

It was a pretty well known fact that Todd Tolbert held rituals in the groundskeeps shed.Now this happened at the old Country Club and I dont believe the shed is there anymore.

newish athens res
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May 16 2007, 2:03 AM 

I drive past that house every day, I've ALWAYS wanted to know who lives there, and someone knows everyone who lives in EVERY house in this town, but I haven't found anyone who knows who lives THERE. It's a really beautiful house, in a really strange part of town for it (most of the big houses are on the other side of town) but i assume it's some lucky rich doctor. it has been one of my goals to find out, though..such a cool looking house.

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Rumors about this house

July 22 2007, 5:26 PM 

In the '80's it was said that Satanists lived in this house.
There were no curtains on the windows and all the lights in the house would be on, but supposedly no people were ever seen inside because they were all underground participating in their rituals or something.

Curiosity made me drive by a few times after I heard this. On the second or third time by the house I saw a perfectly normal looking middle-aged couple watching tv and eating ice cream.
Don't remember another "pool" but remember when they built the current swimming pool and put up the fence. They planted small hedges so the pool was visible from the highway for quite some time

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Address of house

January 19 2008, 9:29 PM 

This rock house is here in Athens and the address is 629 Maryland. It belongs to the Perryman's, which is a prominate family here in Athens. They are listed in the telephone directory so this information I am giving out is of public information.

I dont know about the pool but it is the same house.


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re: the rock work

July 22 2011, 5:19 PM 

i live in Kilgore, tx, & there is alot of rock work like that in this area. i was told when the oil boom hit in the '30s, so many people flooded to the area looking for work, the rock walls, fences, etc were part of the projects they had. now, as for any rituals associated with the rocks, i think that's just athens.... never heard that here.

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August 8 2012, 9:03 AM 

I am one of those "old people" to whom you refer having lived in Athens as a boy in the '30s and '40s. I am amazed at the lengths to which some people will go to find conspiracy. News flash -- every covered up historical item is not evidence of something sinister. Sometime it is simply left over remnants of days gone by. The nefarious "virgin rock" was nothing more than the most readily available iron ore building materials and most economical way to build. My father was a charter member of the Athens Country Club and involved in its design and construction. The "satanic" sacrificial table was a standing picnic serving table close to the fireplace. The "suspicious" round area was simply a small stage area for entertainment. Get a grip and know there is not a boogey man behind every tree!!!!!!!

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February 7 2014, 1:30 PM 

A small circus lost all of their monkeys on the square in Athens 100 years ago.The monkeys are all albinos, and reside in tunnels under the Athens square.The tunnel humps are seen visibility, radiating from the courthouse at 45 degree angles.. yes, I have seen them.

Callie Estep
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re: monkeys

February 23 2014, 9:06 PM 

There are still monkeys alive and they are living underground?

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February 23 2014, 10:50 PM 

I graduated from Cross Roads and I heard all of those stories about the pentagrams made of virgin rock and the book "The Saints Of Henderson County". Not to speak of the dead but the boy that died in that car wreck. I bought into it in my youth and it scared the crap out of me. I was never proud to be from Henderson Co. I am proud to be from there today. When I heard that the people in Henderson Co. told a bunch of busy bodied atheist's that they would move that nativity scene off the Court house lawn when "Hell freezes over". I showed up along 5,000 other Christians/believers and I have never been more proud to be from there. I think these are all nonsense and are made up to scare young kids into not staying out late. At least that is what I hope. Just one persons opinion.

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Re: The Athens, Texas Country Club

February 7 2016, 10:27 AM 

We used to use the "myths" to scare new freshman and introduce them to the town. Never saw anything too out of the ordinary, we did go out there and see "totems" like the ones from Blair Witch Project though. Inside the cemetery always felt about 10 degrees cooler than the surrounding area.

The 1st person account stories that I heard were a friend leaving something at Fuller's park and it showing up in the back of his vehicle the next day. And I did hear stories of a group being out at Fuller's park and seeing people dressed in robes and holding candles show up.

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