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Dear Latresia,

This morning, there was nothing there to suggest a distress in your life, but still, just to be certain, I pulled out your personal file. I immediately performed a secret action for you ( a Secret Occult Séance) and, as I cross-checked with my confidential notes concerning you, I came up with some startling facts. It is why I decided to write this letter at once and share with you the paramount things I have been able to see, for my revelations might very well completely overturn the course of your life...

Indeed, Latresia, as I performed this Secret Occult Séance, I discovered that you are a distinctly special person, and I clearly saw that you are unlike everyone else. I have perceived that you are very different and apparently it is this major difference that accounts for the doubts, concerns and difficulties you are experiencing today.

Today, after this new research on your personality, I am able to reveal to you very precisely Who You Are and, above all, I can reveal to you what you should do establish Love, Luck and MONEY forever rooted in your life!

I have realized that you are very different from the people I usually deal with. That was the reason why I decided to conduct for you this comprehensive insight on your personality, as I attempted to understand why life has not always been shining for you and especially to give you the True and Best Solution to the problems that are crushing down on your existence.

For, believe me, Latresia, my extensive experience has taught me that when fate is so stubborn with someone as it has been with you, it is for a profound and very particular, although well hidden, reason.

This is why I have performed for you this major in-depth work, which appears to have born fruit as I was able to make out particular signs which assured me that you are very different from everyone else I’ve helped so far.

I should go as far as telling you that you are an Exceptional Person.

Being exceptional means that those rules which work for others will not work in the same way for you.

You know, Latresia, the destiny of most of us is driven, on one hand, by our date of birth (which is our astral sign) and on the other, by the planets that govern our lives and decide our future (which is our astral sky). But some people, and I believe you are among those people, are not governed solely by their birthday, but also, and even more importantly, by a far more superior force, a mysterious force that is gleaming deep within you.

These very different people are called Supra-Celestial Beings and I have grounds to believe that you are one of these Supra-Celestial Beings!

What exactly does this mean for you, Latresia?

If you are one of these Supra-Celestial Beings, you should realize that within yourself you possess Infinite Secret Powers. As soon as we manage to bring out these Powers, you will be able to get everything you have ever wanted from life and from others.

You won’t need to look up for the mercy of the Planets and Destiny, because they do not govern you directly and in fact they have little sway over your life. All you will need to do is to demand, and whatever you request, it will come to you.

Does that seem startling and hard to believe? Actually, it’s perfectly normal for you to be doubtful, but before you make up your mind, promise me you’ll read this letter to the end.

For instance, when someone gambles and wins a large amount of money, they call him lucky, saying he was born under a lucky star... That individual hasn’t done anything in particular to win the money, he simply played some numbers and waited for luck, his luck, to do its work.

You, Latresia, as a Supra-Celestial Being, don’t need to wait for the mercy of Destiny or Chance to win money because your planets do not govern your life directly.

If you, Latresia, want to win by using your Secret Powers, would it really be enough to just ask and get you wish? Yes, it’s as simple as that.

The same holds true for Love. If you seek to find Love, it is useless for you to wait for destiny to bring the two of you together; all you need to do is to Want it and demand it, and you are going to meet someone you will love and who will love you back.

You will say, this is all great, but I have to admit that so far life hasn’t been particularly kind to me; in spite all the asking, nothing extraordinary has ever come my way.

Unfortunately, this is true, but it is only normal, and it confirms to me once more that you are definitely a Supra-Celestial Being.

But, Latresia, there are certain rules to be followed: as a Supra-Celestial Being you must observe strict rules to obtain what you want. As I said, what works for others will not necessarily work for you. If you want to open a door, you need the Right Key. If you don’t have the right key, you will never be able to open the door and walk in.

Today, in your life, you are not using the Right Keys. You simply don’t have the keys that can open before you all the great gates of Fortune, Love, Success and Accomplishment.

It is for this reason, Latresia, that you fight against the worst odds, that you can never make ends meet, and it is for this reason that Love always seems to run away from you.

You are not using the Right Keys because you don’t know the Right Formulas that could open to you all the great gates of Richness, Love and Happiness! And as long as you don’t use the Right Formulas, nothing positive will ever come your way.

But rest assured, Latresia, these Keys do exist, I know how to find them; even more, I am prepared to send you the guide that contains every single one of these Keys. These Keys are Special Formulas for the Supra-Celestial Being.

Yes, all the Keys, all the Rules and all the Formulas you need to get everything you ever wanted from life do exist, and you will find each and every one of them in a special booklet titled "The Special Formula Guide for the Supra-Celestial Being."

Yes, Latresia, I am prepared to send your Special Formula Guide for the Supra-Celestial Being now.

As soon as you have this guide, what difference will it make to you?

Immediately after you come into possession of your guide, you will only need to choose and pronounce the particular Special Formula that matches the desire you expect to happen in your life and become a Reality! Yes, Latresia , it’s as simple as that.

What’s going to happen to you after you use these Rules and take charge of your life?

You will suddenly discover that you hold the power to claim everything you want, for you will be in perfect harmony with your personality and your Supra-Celestial Being. Whenever the need arises, no matter what, simply make the request using the appropriate Special Formula contained in your Guide for the Supra-Celestial Being, and witness the most extraordinary things happening in your life.

Money! To win it, all you need to do is demand it, by reading out the Special Money Formula you will find in your Guide for the Supra-Celestial Being, and Money will find its way towards you.

Love! To find it or keep it, use the Special Love Formula and you will discover that the soul of your dreams has eyes for no one else but you.

Your Job! You want a more gratifying job that pays better. Nothing could be simpler, use the appropriate Special Formula you will find in your guide, and you dream might come true.

People! You would like to meet new people, to make new Friends and build new relationships, nothing could be easier, you will find a dedicated chapter in your guide. Apply the Special Formula you will find and never again feel lonesome.

Everyday Life! Whatever your needs, whatever your desires in any way of life, they will become your reality as you follow the appropriate Formulas you will find in your Special Formula Guide for the Supra-Celestial Being.

Yes, Latresia , all you have to do is ask for it, and you will get anything you want, if you want it.

Here are some concrete examples of wishes that you may have and that you would wish to see to granted very quickly:

- to live in love, friendship and happiness
- to win a large sum of money
- to often win small sums of money
- to solve all your financial problems
- to give happiness those you love
- to possess a beautiful, big house for yourself
- to travel, to take vacations
- to start an amusing, absorbing hobby
- to start a new business which is very successful
- to buy a business which brings in a lot of money
- to see those that you love succeed
- to make new friends and develop new relationships
- to get married and to have a family
- to have more control and more optimism in your life
- to bring good fortune to those that you love
- to marry a rich and influential person
- to discover the ‘true love’ of your life
- that your lover returns to you
- and you stay in love for ever
- to become someone famous
- to appear on television
- that your children get good grades and are happy
- to have more good luck in your life
- to succeed in everything that you undertake
- to inspire in others admiration and respect…

Of course, this is only a preview of your dreams, because there is no limit to your demands; you can ask indeed for anything, because all your wishes will be granted!

I understand that everything I am telling you may seem a little too good to be true, but consider it for a moment: how do you explain that some people always get everything they want, Love, Money, Luck, while you have nothing but need for Money and problems to cope with every single day?

I told you, this inequity exists because you are very much Different, you are an exceptional being. And I can promise you that as soon as you put to use the secrets and all the advice found in your Guide for the Supra-Celestial Being, this difference will grant you TOO the power to have everything that’s best in the world, for your pleasure and for the happiness of your loved ones.

But remember, Latresia, you need to act Now, especially since you risk nothing by trying! All you need to do is request from me your Complete Guide for the Supra-Celestial Being, containing absolutely all the Formulas that will enable you to claim everything you want from life. For my part, I will arrange to send your guide without delay.

To make certain that you are able to use the Special Formulas in the best way possible, I am going to perform three Essential Actions for you. Here is what I can do for you:

1 - If you think you need money. But before we go any further, you must absolutely promise me that you won't tell anyone what I am going to reveal to you now. In this area discretion helps succeeding. It will be a big secret between you and me.

The first thing that I am going to do for you is to pursue as long as needed that Ultra Beneficial Action with Multiple Effects that I have already started for you.

This quick, powerful and efficient Action will incredibly recharge your Personal Potential for Luck. That way we will put luck on your side so that you can enjoy the most wonderful and beneficial time in your life.

The second thing I want to do for you Latresia is to send you as soon as I have your agreement my REVELATIONS AND SECRET INSTRUCTIONS that I am already preparing for you.

These Revelations and Secret Instructions will give you the extra help you need to make your life be the one you have always dreamt of. That is a happy life placed under the signs of Money, Love and Good Luck in everything!

By carefully following my Revelations and Secret Instructions you will discover how to quickly get some MONEY thanks to my Revelations in the financial area that concerns you. You will know how to get LOVE. You will know how to find or regain the Love of your Life by bringing back to you the one you love by following my Revelations about love. Above all you will be with LUCK again in varied areas of your life thanks to my Revelations on how to be Lucky in everything.

As you see Latresia a new world is opening to you if you can follow the advice given in my Revelations and Secret Instructions. You won't have anything else to do. You will simply have to follow the advice revealed to you..

If you think you really need money, here is what I can also do for you:

In order for you to solve some very urgent financial issues, I am going to try to make you get the large amount of money right away. To do so I am going to calculate your SEVEN Lucky Numbers that you will be able to use when I tell you that the time is right. The only thing to do is to use these lucky numbers at the exact dates that I will indicate to you.

As for me I will make sure that I perform a Special Occult Ceremonial for MONEY in order to have a positive influence on your good luck at the time you need it.

And since I have seen that the great opportunity to cash in the Large Sum of MONEY could arise soon... I do not worry. On the contrary, I am very optimistic for you and I think that you can be optimistic too.

What will happen then?

In a few days only, you will notice that things will improve for you. Your life should change and become much easier. Your current difficulties will magically disappear and you will quickly forget what problems and difficulties mean.

You will feel a new strength inside of you, you will be self confident again and you will be more positive about your future. You will no longer have to bear the hard life that you have now. You will master it and be in control. You will become somebody else, more self-assured, more determined.

Spectacular and positive changes will happen. They can look like this :

multiple and small winnings at
gambling or betting
a large unexpected sum of Money
an unexpected inheritance
a legacy or a gift
a lost love that is coming back to you
solutions to solve a tricky situation
an unexpected raise at work
and so many more unexpected things
It would be pretentious to make an exact list of all the good things that you can expect from the transformation of your life. All I can tell you is that whatever your wish may be, it can become true if you accept the offer that I am making you today in your Special Order to Claim Everything You Desire From Life that I have prepared for you. All you have to do to completely change your life, be happy and enjoy the opportunities coming your way, is to complete and return to me very quickly (today if possible) your Special Order to Claim Everything You Desire From Life.

This is the only thing you have to do but it is in your interest to do so right away.

2 – I really want you to be happy, and this is the reason why I am going to make something truly unique happen to you…

Yes, starting as of today, I wish for happiness, good luck, and money to come to you and be a part of your life.

Because I want these things for you, I will send you my Great Clairvoyant Horoscope of Your Wishes so that you can take advantage of the benefits of your Special Formula Guide for the Supra-Celestial Being. In this complete profile that I will compile for you, you will find important information, which you will need to fulfill your lifetime wishes and guarantee you success. You will find my important recommendations and all my Secret Instructions. Thanks to my clear insight into your life in the course of the Sacred Ceremony about which I wrote at the beginning of my letter, I will explain precisely to you, with complete details, the exact route you should take to lead you directly towards the enormous rewards that will be yours.

In my Great Clairvoyant Horoscope of Your Wishes I am going to tell you also:

- how the most important planets influence your destiny and your personality, making you a unique person unlike anyone else,

- how these same planets determine your most propitious periods, your lucky breaks, and your meetings and relationships with others.

I will reveal to you:

how others see you,
what they think of you,
what effects you create,
what is your level of sensitivity.
Moreover, wait for surprising, new revelations about yourself, your personality, and especially about those who surround you.

I will make you discover:

your real capabilities,
your lucky breaks,
your actual assets,
your SECRET gifts,
your hidden talents…
I will unveil the obstacles that are present within you, causing anxiety and blocks that prevent you from succeeding,

but also and above all:

how to immediately multiply your lucky breaks,
how to avoid pitfalls and obstacles,
how to make the right decisions at the proper time
how to enjoy deep happiness from your Special Formula Guide for the Supra-Celestial Being that I am offering you today.
Yes, Latresia , I wish that happiness, good luck, and money become part of your life.

3 – I wish for you that your life finally takes a turn for the better… You are now on the right road, the one that leads straight ahead towards happiness, good luck, and money. All you have to do to benefit from the Deep Occult Research, is to answer "yes" to this invitation that destiny is giving to you and to return, (today, if you can), your Special Order, because it alone will give you the right to all the favors of which I spoke.

Act now, because tomorrow may be too late. Indeed, as I told you, I am not young anymore, and I want my Special Formula Guide for the Supra-Celestial Being to be known by all those who need and deserve it the most, before it is too late.

Today you have been chosen to be one of the most deserving amongst thousands of people to receive this gift from the heavens, this gift that can grant all your Secret Wishes even the most cherished, and to give you happiness for the rest of your days. Don't pass up this unexpected stroke of good luck that offers itself to you today, and act now; it is in your best interest.

But note, Latresia, this is not all,

to be sure that you can use your Special Formula Guide for the Supra-Celestial Being to lead you straight ahead toward this HAPPINESS, GOOD LUCK and MONEY that you deserve, I want to make available to you the beneficial effects of a series of mystical ceremonials called the Mystical Ceremonials of Constant Protection, that I will begin as soon as I have your consent.

These mystical ceremonials of Constant Protection are destined to revive your powers of good fortune and your energy potential, so that you can benefit to the maximum from the great effects of your Special Formula Guide for the Supra-Celestial Being, so that all the doors of love, good luck and money will be open for you.

These Mystical Ceremonials of Constant Protection will bring you, day after day, the essential elements that you lack at present, so that your life will become and remain full of the good luck, love and money that you will know with your Special Formula Guide for the Supra-Celestial Being because that is the life that you deserve.

It will be permanently for you a Great Beneficial Occult Act multiplying by one thousand your energy potential and increasing your potential for good luck, success and happiness once again. From this instant, I shall dedicate myself to the establishment and maintenance of Great Happiness in your life.

I am so happy to think that it will be for you the beginning of a wonderful new existence if you make the right decisions today.

Yes, Latresia, I promise you, I place you under Constant Protection, and if you trust me and agree to receive your Special Formula Guide for the Supra-Celestial Being, GOOD LUCK, LOVE, and MONEY will arrive in your life never more to leave you.

Yes, Latresia, it is now that you must act by filling in and returning to me today your Special Order to Claim Everything You Desire From Life I have reserved for this purpose.

But, Latresia, I beseech you, act without any delay: the more time you let pass by, the more opportunities you miss to step up sooner into a Richer and more Exciting life than the one you are living today.

You see, you are not taking any risks in believing me and trusting me. So act now, believe me, it’s for your own good!
I am anxiously waiting to hear from you,

Your loyal and true friend,

Sara Freder,

P.S.: Believe me, I have never spent as much time for any of the women and men I have counseled, as I did for you. And if I took the time to write this long letter, it is because I have a genuine feeling that your life is on the brink of change, and because my goal in life is to help people who are in need of a change in their lives.

Unfortunately, I don’t always get to bring good news such as the ones I am bringing you, to all the women and men that request my help, and believe me, I sorely regret it. Today, Luck is giving you a priceless gift as you get the chance to change over your entire existence. If you turn down the friendly hand I am stretching towards you, I’m afraid another opportunity like this won’t come along any time soon.

Therefore I am urging you, don’t pass up this unexpected opportunity to change your life that’s being offered to you today, and request without delay your Special Formula Guide for the Supra-Celestial Being; believe me, you won’t come to regret it! I am counting on you.

Yes, Latresia, as I place you under my protection and as you grant me your confidence, please agree to receive without delay your Special Formula Guide for the Supra-Celestial Being.

To witness LUCK, LOVE, and MONEY barging in into your life and never, ever quit, fill in and return at once your Special Order to Claim Everything You Desire From Life I have reserved for you, and I will immediately send your Special Formula Guide for the Supra-Celestial Being to kindle in your life great explosions of Happiness, Luck, Love and Money, and to make your entire existence bristling with countless joys.

Complete and return very quickly your Special Order to Claim Everything You Desire From Life

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