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Candidate Revivals

March 16 2004 at 7:53 PM
Nother Moose  (no login)

Response to Ok, next question


If the world is a good place, the revivals will not occur by lottery or fame or any other capricious method. I see those people being revived in order of damage done.

We already know death is bad; things die and deteriorate. If cryopreservation techniques continue to improve though and the structure really is stored, then it will eventually become easier and easier to reverse the process with no additional damage. The people revived first will be the people who were preserved using the most current, documented, and proven techniques. Fortunately, perfect preservation is something that should help the entire transplant world, not just cryonicists, because a lot of lives could be saved if you could actually store organs for more than 48 hours and get them to people in need. It's worthy research and should be done; but perfect preservation isn't the whole of the equation, only part of it.

For cryonics to work as advertised, there also has to be a cure for whatever killed the person in the first place. Cancer, aids, old age, all of these would need to be cured before someone is revived, otherwise, what would be the point if someone woke to only die again quickly? It's likely to be a last-in and first-out sort of thing, barring unexpected things like murder that cause more damage.

I think it's the combination of the two that really make people nervous, and that's why you often hear time frames of 100 or 200 years. It could be much sooner than that, if the world continues to work on things like computing power, killing cancer, and all the nano stuff that will be needed to save the most highly damaged people. There's no question a lot more work is needed before that first revival is even attempted.

...still a skeptic, after a long time.

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