Creator & director : email Cryonics-for-Connectomes or Connectome-Cryonics are equivalent terms for CryoConnectomics or cryoconnectomics. It's now the only cryonics that matters and it has not yet been proven viable-- but it's urgent to do so. It can also potentially falsify the entire cryonics thesis. It is to be distinguished from plastination, uploading and A.I. which is NOT cryonics and is of no interest to cryonicists qua cryonicists. Many cryonicists are also uploaders or transhumanists but cryonics itself is not interested in uploading by definition but rather reversible suspended animation which does require proof of survival of connectomes through vitrification.

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How could he not have his best interest in heart?

March 18 2004 at 8:27 AM
Anonymous  (no login)

Response to Ted was NOT pro-cryonics


Maybe he didn't while he was alive (I'm not going to dispute the manipulation claims; it's unforunate it has to come to that), but in death, cryonics is the best interest one can have. If anything, cremation is the worst interest, because it's simply impossible to come back from being burned to a crisp.

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