Creator & director : email Cryonics-for-Connectomes or Connectome-Cryonics are equivalent terms for CryoConnectomics or cryoconnectomics. It's now the only cryonics that matters and it has not yet been proven viable-- but it's urgent to do so. It can also potentially falsify the entire cryonics thesis. It is to be distinguished from plastination, uploading and A.I. which is NOT cryonics and is of no interest to cryonicists qua cryonicists. Many cryonicists are also uploaders or transhumanists but cryonics itself is not interested in uploading by definition but rather reversible suspended animation which does require proof of survival of connectomes through vitrification. WAS MUHAMMED ALI FROZEN??? --- Rick Potvin along with Channel 5 in Phoenix will find out! -----Stay tuned!

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February 4 2013 at 7:34 PM
Rick55  (Login recreation)


[Introduction and Current Situation Overview - The Connectome Crisis and the End of the Cryonics Era]
I declare the new de facto leader of the entire real applied cryonics movement, Kenneth Hayworth (above left) and it's new philosophical founder, Sebastein Seung (above right). [1 hr video interview required viewing][June 2010 issue of Alcor Cryonics magazine ] attempted to dismiss Hayworth-- and has marginalized him since-- despite the key issue he points to-- proving connectome survival in cryonics with newer electron microscopes. His idea is based on the connectome concept created by Sebastien Seung. [T.E.D. talk by Seung "I am my connectome"](Corollary at 17 min into video where Seung points to cryonics and Ettinger: "Death is the destruction of the connectome")[Homepage]. Cryonics has not heard such a revolutionary phrase since Drexler stated that memory and personality are encoded in preservable brain structure in 1984, or before that, Ev Cooper's motto "freeze, wait, reanimate". Activist cryonics, however, now in 2013 stands on the eve of a proof for its existence: Can it prove the survival of the connectome through the cryovitrification process? Activist cryonics' imperative is clear-- Prove connectome survival or become extinct. [HUMAN CONNECTOME PROJECT - excellent video] This is required viewing 14 min for all activist cryonicists who are prematurely selling cryonics... this explains the surprise the scientists found at all the colours on the connectome maps... Activist cryonicsts have been sidestepping this neuroscience approach with claims that damaged connectomes can be inferred but what if the connectomes are all destroyed? You can't infer much from nothing. As Hayworth says, It's time to put cryonics/vitrificaiton brain preservation technologies to the test. BPF issues challenge to cryonics Question for Ken-- What about the 2005 21stCM "proof" of neural net preservation [here]? Here's the answer [BFP pdf] [July 2012 Goldstein article on Hayworth]

Jan 26, 2013.My blog listing on Google blog has been attacked and removed by enemies of the truth-- and Pizer is starting from scratch with a new "low cost preservation company"-- a further indication that cryonics has failed financially and economically. Given the refusal of cryonics to prove connectomes survive cryonics, I would say cryonics has failed technically beyond doubt. To wit: NO CRYONAUTS preserved over 50 years of activist cryonics have intact connectomes. Let's sing a dirge for cryonics...
[Auld Lang Sang]game_over.jpg
Here Lies Cryonics. 1964 - 2014 A.D.
May Her Souls Rest In Peace. [Chatworth II Connectome Destruction Victims]

[Special note for bioethicist philosopher Arthur Caplan]

Cryonics millionnaires like Miller, Kent, Falloon, Laughlin, Tupler, Rothblatt and others as well as members of cryonics organizations Alcor, TT and CI, SA, 21stCM and a host of others worldwide, and so called "trans" humans who say they aspire to "more" than human as in "max "more"" and mark "plus" ... all have egg on their face now... and are "scrambling' (get it?) to cover their "positions" (asses)..... as cryonics collapses in the face of the Hayworth/Seung connectomics revolution based on new microscopy techniques.

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