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MY RETIREMENT from cryonics - to concentrate on my late life career/income.

April 26 2013 at 11:07 AM
Rick55  (no login)


I would say that I'm retiring from cryonics which I now see, in its current state, as a sucker's game for young nieve men with science fiction dreams of the future OR... for wealthy people who can afford reanimation trust funds and who can afford to actually fund the research they want to see done. I'm neither (any longer or never was). So I'm retiring from cryonics.

Effectively, the means I won't be initiating any more posts on any media regarding cryonics other than those that I cannot find the willpower to resist... or other than those that are responses to queries made by cryonicists in good faith or by the media.

So... this is it. Unless big things happen in a most positive and uplifting way, I'll be tied up with my current life concerns and leave my immortality to the higher dimensions-- if they'll have me.

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