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TO READERS: Randy would have assassinated Alexander Hamilton and hung the Founding Fathers

April 27 2013 at 5:56 AM
Rick55  (no login)

Response to rick, have you ever....


Randy is a traitor to the USA, effectively. I no longer speak directly TO him but will occasionally speak to the public at large about him and his kind. The only thing Randy ever did FOR cryonics was expose the CHURNING going on at Alcor-- and issues related to that. He dropped his pursuit of that exposee however and did not protest deRivaz shutting off Cryonet2 to the public at large where most of his analysis about churning was.

Back to the idea of being a traitor. Most Americans turn out to be ignorant of their own history. The history is best documented by Larouche and Tarpley in various places on the net. Most recently, I pointed to an article in Larouche's flagship magazine, EIR, that dealt with the overturning of the national bank of the USA. It describes the idea of public credit and compares it to the imperial monetarist system. Alexander Hamilton instituted the first National Bank as a cornerstone of the Constitution. Randy rejects that-- which is consistent with imperialist British forces destroying the US.

Randy pretends there are "seeming difficulties and differences" between me and others without specifying what he's referring to. His continuing character assassination against me is typical of the type of gatekeeping that goes on in cryonics. Mark Plus is another gatekeeper, Mark having most recently having called me "meta stupid" in a tweet on #cryonics without any reference whatsover. The gatekeeping character assassination nature of the type of people who have infiltrated and taken over cryonics is described even more fully in Alcor's own membership forum by Paul Wakfer and by Maxim in a series of posts to Rick Ross cult forum.

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