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One more thing-- Randy denies fake Venturist/Aaron/Kim photos despite obviousness.

April 27 2013 at 6:13 AM
Rick55  (no login)

Response to TO READERS: Randy would have assassinated Alexander Hamilton and hung the Founding Fathers

I've covered the fake photos in this forum earlier, as well as on the blog-- and it's documented here that Randy refuses to admit that most of those photos are composites (fakes) with obvious flaws... which raises questions about how much more if fake about the so called cryonics charity cases. His only valid objection to the charity cases is that it's hypocritical to support charity in that regard yet continue to churn longer time members, raising dues and minimums, writing off large numbers of long time faithful by labelling them as underfunded and threatening to underservice them despite years of dues payments and support of various kinds through volunteerism and active promotion.

This doesn't begin to cover the problem of perpetual trusts, which I regard as a crime against cryonics..and against humanity by the wealthiest cryonicists attracted to cryonics.... not to mention a complete idiocy. And finally, connectome survival protocol experiments have been defined by Seung and Hayworth and continue to be suppressed, and not funded-- in favor of programs like teens and twenties, a ridiculous promotional effort aimed at the most optimistic and nieve people in an effort to continue churning.

Randy's attempted character assassination of me above is part of this entire matrix of the big con that cryonics has become-- but didn't have to be. A top scientiest involved in cryonics, Ken Hayworth, himself has threatened to qui Alcor within two years if connectome survival isn't proven.

Finally, so called "uploaders" who are not placing reversible suspended animation as a first priority, but rather believe in artificial intelligence, are infiltrated cryonics watering it down. You cannot tell, now, by mere cryonics membership, that a person is a cryonicist or an uploader. These are not the same things. Aschwin DeWolf, one of the best reversible suspended animation anti-uploading writers in cryonics, has stopped publishing on his blog.

Any differences I have with people in cryonics is fully describable and academically positioned in a valid philosophical way. Randy's allusion to my differences, above, constitutes a vague generalization that hints that my differences are personal and related to my psychological status-- a veiled character assassination similar to Mark Plus's referring to me as "meta stupid" in public on Twitter- without references.

BEWARE ALL WHO CONSIDER ENTERING THE REALM OF CRYONICS.... it is now occupied by what I would call purely evil people. Would you walk into a motorcycle bar late at night? Would you walk around on the south side of a big city at 2 am? Would you get involved with a gang of theives? If the answer is "no"-- then I would advise people that getting involved in cryonics is just as dangerous to your personal reputation, your career and your finances-- albeit on a slightly higher plane than south side of a city. The people involved are highly clever types who can defend their unethical behavior for literally decades without accountability. They are currently NOT PUBLISHING openly on the net due to my penetration and exposees- having been forced to close their forums at Venturists and New Cryonet on account of my pointing to them often, from this forum.

There is more to be said of course... but I've made my conclusion and leave this forum as a record for those who have ears to hear.

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