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Gut bacteria makes you live to 100

April 28 2013 at 2:24 PM
Rick55  (Login recreation)

Response to AGING TEST


Unlock your body's natural ability to
reclaim timeless beauty!

We all know her, that friend who never seems to age... and we can't help but wonder how she does it. Well, renowned scientists have unveiled research that could finally help us answer that question!

And we've used that same research to develop a groundbreaking advancement that helps promote...
Soft skin
A youthful glow
And head-turning beauty
...all while you sleep!

We believe this may one day be heralded as "the missing link" in beauty science.

So discover how simple it is to unlock a youthful, radiant beauty that's guaranteed to turn heads!
Weight loss without surgery

Imagine all the benefits of stomach-shrinking surgery, but without the actual surgery.


Not at all -- because cutting-edge new research shows that the real weight loss that follows surgery isn't caused by the procedure itself. It's caused by a dramatic shift in gut bacteria that takes place afterward.

Even better, the study also shows how you may be able to get your own gut bacteria to undergo that same fat-melting shift without going under the knife.

Researchers performed the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass procedure on obese mice, which then lost 29 percent of their body weight -- just as expected. Then, they transferred the intestinal flora from those newly slim-and-trim mice to a set of obese mice that didn't have the surgery.

And what happened next wasn't expected at all, because these mice experienced a similar loss in body weight and even body fat.

Well, I should say it wasn't expected at all by most mainstream doctors -- but it's certainly what I would have expected, because I've seen these same results before, and not just in mice.

I've seen it in humans, including my own patients.

The balance of bacteria in your gut not only helps you to digest your food and extract the nutrients you need for good health. They also help decide what to do with each calorie you eat.

If you've got too many bad bugs, then every calorie you consume will seem to find its way directly to your waistline.

Get enough of the good ones, on the other hand, and you'll be a lean, mean digestion machine -- able to process foods so well that a momentary slip on the lips won't be forever on your hips.

This isn't to say that what you eat isn't important as well. Even a stomach full of the best bugs can't undo the damage of a donut addiction or fast food habit.

But if you find weight loss is a lot harder than it should be -- that eating right alone won't get the job done, and that even working up a sweat several times a week is giving you some disappointing results -- then the answer might be in your gut bacteria. (It could also be in your hormones, but let's focus on bacteria today.)

And if an unbalanced belly is the reason you keep losing the Battle of the Bulge, than you've got an easy answer here -- and it's not weight-loss surgery.

It's to replenish your stomach with the bacteria needed for good digestion, and you can do that with a quality probiotic supplement. The key word here is "quality," because too many supplements contain the wrong strains, the wrong doses, or both.

And don't even waste your time with the supermarket strains found in yogurts and pre-packaged smoothies.

Instead, look for a supplement that contains the bacteria backed by studies on humans -- and has them in the right amounts.

I had the inside story on probiotics that you won't find anywhere else in my printed newsletter, Health Revelations. Subscribers, use the password in your current edition to go online and read the May 2012 issue.

Not a subscriber? Sign up today and get a password of your own that'll give you complete online access to all my back issues.
God bless,

Dr. Mark Stengler
Live to 100? Why stop there?

Imagine -- these 4 youth secrets could be all you need to slam the brakes on aging.

They're powerful, they're premium and they're packed with so much age protection that living into your hundreds -- and living well -- could finally be a reality. Your heart, your eyes, your brain and so much more can experience the ultimate protection.

Each one is strong enough to battle aging on its own -- but together, this Power 4 is unstoppable. Discover the only 4 anti-aging breakthroughs you will ever need -- all in one place -- today...

Visit our website to view all of Dr. Mark Stengler's products
and to check out our special offers!
Here's what else I've been talking about this week...
Don't Blame Your Prostate, Until You Read This...
It's controversial and goes against everything you might have heard about peeing concerns in older men... But in a shocking new presentation, Dr. Allen Spreen claims your prostate could be INNOCENT! Sounds absurd, but the science doesn't lie...
Watch this special presentation...

New approach for allergy relief
If you have allergies, you don't need a calendar to know when spring is in the air. Your sinuses will tell you the moment they get that first whiff of pollen. But you don't have to sneeze and bear it, and you don't need shots or drugs to survive this or any other allergy season -- because there are much better and more effective ways to get the relief you're looking for.
Read the full story...

Cold sore virus linked to memory problems
They're not just ugly and embarrassing. They're painful, too -- and cold sores might not be done with you yet. The same virus responsible for those unsightly sores could also increase your risk of something far worse: memory loss, and possibly even dementia.
Read the full story...

Did our Creator make a PERFECT FOOD?
Stunned researchers now say "YES." Gram for gram, this amazing discovery packs awesome amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids, plus: 6 times more calcium than whole milk... 15 times more magnesium than broccoli... 3 times more antioxidant power than fresh blueberries... More fiber than flaxseed... More protein than soy...
Watch this special presentation...

Depression boosts heart risk
If you want to see proof of the mind-body connection, look no further than the heart. Heart problems can lead to depression, and depression can lead to heart problems -- and each one can make the other worse.
Read the full story...

Stress causes inflammation
If your body was a post office, the picture hanging on the wall -- Public Enemy Number One -- wouldn't be heart disease or cancer. It would be inflammation. Chronic inflammation can cause or worsen both diseases and more, not to mention increase your risk of any number of other conditions up to and including an early death.
Read the full story...

Hormonal help for men with MS
Multiple sclerosis is misery on a grand scale, affecting everything from how you walk and move to how you think. But there's one weapon men can use to fight back -- a substance so natural, it's already in your body right now.
Read the full story...

Heart tests predict dementia risk
If you're looking to protect your brain, start with the heart. The health of one depends on the other -- and the two are so closely related that the same risk factors for heart disease are also risk factors for dementia and Alzheimer's disease.
Read the full story...

Will history regard this SECRET as..."The BLOOD SUGAR BOMBSHELL that changed it all?!"
It's a truth that only a few doctors are waking up to... There is a COLOSSAL "missing piece" to the blood sugar debate. Today, you can discover the astounding "sugar secret" within your cells that may help fight the damaging effects of excess sugar. And even better, you can get the glucose game-changer that is tailor-made to support this revolutionary secret.
Watch this special presentation...

Just ONE PILL and your prostate support is set!

You're about to discover the prostate health miracle that "vitamin hucksters" are scrambling to keep away from you. While other men choke down up to 6 pills -- you can help keep your stream strong, your bladder empty and your nightly bathroom trips to a minimum with just one pill. And the best part? All for HALF THE PRICE of most other formulas.

Unlock the potent, incredible, affordable secret behind today's most popular prostate protectors...

View this special presentation...

Visit our website to view all of Dr. Mark Stengler's products
and to check out our special offers!
Did a Cleveland fry cook make the heart health discovery of the century?
A short video is sweeping the web about a Cleveland fry cook who just may have uncovered an incredible heart health find. It sounds crazy but this breakthrough has already raked in hundreds of thousands from a government grant and gotten the attention of two preeminent physicians. And if you have heart health concerns (and who doesn't!) you won't believe what it can do for you. Find out today...

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