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The Jews (Neandertals DISGUISED as humans and as religion)-- WRECKED cryonics.

April 29 2013 at 5:13 PM
Rick55  (Login recreation)

Response to SPECIES WARFARE-- continues and explains this varience between me and the rest of YOU...


That's my position. The only way to save the planet and humanity-- is to identify the real problem which is... that NEANDERTAL DNA survived... by mating with homo sapien... but keeping the maternal bloodline intact -- important for MITOCHONDRIAL DNA transfer... that's why JEWS MUST BE JEW BY MOTHER... weaker by Father but still a GENETIC LINK there... which DISPROVES that it's a religion... the TALMUD that seesk to boil JESUS in excrement is a WORK ORDER for destroying HOMO SAPIEN.... and NEW WORLD ORDER is JEW WORLD ORDER-- a new imperialism to destroy humans.

The destruction of cryonics has been a side effect of this Jew world order business... Jews are NEANDERTALS in disguise... and lack full forebrains... LOTS OF gentiles have gone along with them because they have no choice... or they're tricked into the NEandertal agenda.

We're LITERALLY living WITH these HIGHLY CLEVER, deceptive and parasitic SPECIES... in cryonics as in the rest of the world at large... this explains crappy violent TV... and evil, wars, and fluoride RAT POISON being put in our water...

The GAUNTLET must be thrown down in this window of opportunity called the INTERNET---

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