Creator & director : email Cryonics-for-Connectomes or Connectome-Cryonics are equivalent terms for CryoConnectomics or cryoconnectomics. It's now the only cryonics that matters and it has not yet been proven viable-- but it's urgent to do so. It can also potentially falsify the entire cryonics thesis. It is to be distinguished from plastination, uploading and A.I. which is NOT cryonics and is of no interest to cryonicists qua cryonicists. Many cryonicists are also uploaders or transhumanists but cryonics itself is not interested in uploading by definition but rather reversible suspended animation which does require proof of survival of connectomes through vitrification. WAS MUHAMMED ALI FROZEN??? --- Rick Potvin along with Channel 5 in Phoenix will find out! -----Stay tuned!

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I've unlocked this forum for the first time in awhile

June 4 2016 at 7:08 PM
(Login recreation)

Response to Eric at 5--- here's discussion forum.


Eric- I shut this forum down because I came to some conclusions about cryonics after involvment since 1978. However, I make an exception and open it now for you to verify that my CONJECTURE is worth considering-- that Ali was frozen.

This would be newsworthy and would be very similar to the Ted Williams story.

Why am I reporting my conjecture? I'm not sure. Due to my years in cryonics, I got pretty good at detecting problems. I cut my teeth on the internet by posting to a cryonics forum callled Cryonet. I've always been interested in longevity and immortality-- and cryonics was definitely on my list of things to do-- until I discovered that the cryonics industry was rotten inside due to misconstrued financial goals. They even doctored photos in one instance. And they churned their members, knowing that some would drop out. It's a long sordid tale. However-- for the sake of exercising my rights to free speech, and freedom to be suspicious online and in public-- and for old times' sake, and even for another round of seeing what's going on in my old cryonics neck of the woods, I'll look at this Muhammed Ali situation with you.

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