Welcome to the VRF Rolex Dial Project

To submit a dial to the database, please email the best quality scans of your dials to Tom at tomvox1@hotmail.com. Or post it on the main forum and we’ll copy it from there.

Please include as much of the following information as you have available:

  • Model #
  • Case serial #
  • Inner caseback date stamp:
  • Caliber of movement:
  • Comments/provenance

    One of the most controversial of all Rolex dials is the �Paul Newman� or �Exotic dial� Cosmograph. These dials command a huge premium when they are found in a Cosmograph with the potential to double or triple the already lofty asking price for a Val. 72 Daytona. Thus the counterfeits are both abundant and of very high quality. It is an understatement to say one should exercise extreme caution and conduct thorough due diligence when purchasing a Paul Newman-dialed Cosmo with strong emphasis placed on the reputation and steadfastness of the seller. To make matters even more complicated, the theories about what makes a PN dial legitimate or counterfeit are always evolving and subject to revision.

    Dials that you submit should be of watches that you have photographed yourself or own. Please, no watches found on the internet, no watches for sale through dealers or eBay. By submitting your dials, you give the VRF permission to store them on the VRF’s servers and display them in the dial archive. You retain ownership and may request your dials to be removed. You may chose to remain anonymous or you may give your name for attribution.

    If you have seen a dial that you find questionable as regards authenticity, please email Tom at tomvox1@hotmail.com with your concerns. The dial will be inspected further and submitted for expert review. Should the dial be ruled particularly questionable as regards authenticity, it will be removed and the owner notified privately. There will be no more public commentary on the authenticity of dials and if you have misgivings about a certain dial, you must contact the Curator.

    Thanks for participating and please submit as many dials as you like. Remember, the dial database will only be successful if people are willing to participate.

    Now let's see some scans!

    Valjoux 72 Cosmograph Dials
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