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How big is too big for a milling machine?

May 17 2007 at 12:09 PM
wved  (Login wved)

Unlike lathes, it seems that there are a lot of used Bridgeports on ebay that cost only a couple thousand dollars but they are BIG and HEAVY suckers requiring 3 phase power and one Bridgeport type machine even required 4 phase (whatever that is).

The reason I ask is because I'm not planning to mill engine blocks, only airgun sized parts and so far I haven't needed to turn anything larger than a 5/8" end mill. Anywhoo.....Grizzly has this mill on sale for about $1400 including shipping and I was wondering what the "real world" working limits are. The motor is only 1 hp (my current nerf mill has 3/4hp) yet the sales pitch claims "Drilling capacity 1". It has the fine feed I'm looking for, R8 spindle (instead of the mt2 on my current mill/drill) and it weighs about 150 pounds more than my current "joke mill".

Grizzly also has a round column mill for about the same money shipped but it has a 2hp motor, is belt driven, has larger table and the shipping weight is about 670 pounds. The sales pitch claims "Drilling capacity: 1-1/4" so it seems that this machine would do everything I need.

Funny thing is that for about $500 dollars more there were some used HONKIN Bridgeports on Ebay that were supposedly "in good working order" but it would be tough haulin one in the back of my Civic. LOL I even checked the freight charges for an "Ebay special" and shipping was a bit over $1000 to my part of WV. It probably woundn't fit in my basement either! LOL :c(=)

Seems to me that even this Grizzly unit on sale for about a thou including shipping would serve my purposes and it also has a R8 spindle.

Thanks for any help y'all can give. I really could use a more useful mill than the one I have now but I don't want to buy a heavy unit till I get relocated to the Raleigh, NC area in the future.

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