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torque wrench

March 20 2008 at 6:54 PM

Rich  (Login RLT59)

Response to If you can adjust the output of your

I have a torque wrench and had the lugs up at about 90 Foot pounds.. IIRC!
And getting them loose with the impact tool was pretty easy.
Told me that it was working pretty well..
In R, they moved slowly at first, in very small increments, then ZOOM!

The gun is rated for 90 psi, so I'm going to stick to that for a while.
The compressor will run at 125, but I'm not sure I want too much extra power (YET).

The tool has three 'F' settings and seems to run Full bore in 'R' mode.
I did use '2' to put the lug nuts back on..

The manual doesn't really say what those 3 'F' settings are equal to,
so I'll have to use my torque wrench to loosen them up and see what the wrench is actually doing..

To be accurate, I'll try to use the impact wrench at it's lowest setting and then finish up
doing the zigzag pattern with the torque wrench.


That torque wrench came in real handy last summer when we got new tires on both cars.
Out of 8 tires, there weren't any torqued to spec. All of them were way too loose, or way too tight.
Plus, the tires were mostly over inflated too. (There is no pride in workmanship anymore).
The next time I was over there, I bitched out the manager about 5 minutes. (Made me feel better).


I already knew about trying to get lug nuts off while out on the road.
Both my wife and I have 1"x30" heavy wall aluminum alloy pipes in our cars,
just in case the lug wrench isn't long enough for us someday.
Even us old folks can still change a tire if the cell phone fails us..


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