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October 21 2008 at 7:54 AM
Rayb  (Login BRrayjay)

Response to I have been thinking...

As long as you don't damage the original bbl getting it off then you can always put the gun back as it was. I think your grandad wanted you to use and enjoy the rifle and remember him by it.

I am 99% sure that it uses the same bbl tenon as the 700 so you could find a used 700 aftermarket bbl and be set. I think that the 600 uses a different trigger than the 700 uses and I don't think any of the BR trigger manufacturers make a trigger for the 600 anymore so you would need to find a used one. The XP100 is the same basic action as the 600, just in a single shot version and back in the day XP's were used a lot for BR rifles.

I am also pretty sure the 600 is the same diameter as the 700 so a semi-inletted BR stock would work for either one. I use the 'Dart' from Don Stith on my Remington project rifles.

You probably already have a 36x scope you could put on it.

Truthfully, for what it would cost to buy a bbl, stock, trigger, etc you could find an older Remington actioned BR rifle for the same money and be shooting a lot sooner. Of course, you wouldn't get to build it yourself and it wouldn't be grandad's old gun.

100/200 BR is a pretty enjoyable pasttime. Every now and then you bust out an amazing group. I actually have better success [ and therefore more enjoyment ] shooting 'Varmint For Score' [ VFS ] than I do shooting group events. I bought a 30BR Viper that is amazing !!!

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