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Turning small parts...

March 3 2012 at 12:01 PM
Dave Dunn  (Login daved20319)

I have an older 12x24 Grizzly lathe, it's ended up being a really good machine for what I do, but I've recently discovered a flaw. I'm currently playing around with a QB HPA conversion, and needed to turn some new valve parts. Problem is, my chuck won't hold anything under about 1/4" diameter, but I'm working with 1/8" O1 tool steel for valve stems. I've actually resorted to using my mill as a vertical lathe, stick the stock in a collet and clamp a lathe tool in the vise. It works, sort of, but it's a lot of by guess and by god happy.gif. And it makes a simple little valve stem and head more work than turning a new valve body would be.

So how do you guys handle small stuff? Am I going to have to invest in a collet chuck, or is there a less expensive alternative? Thanks.


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