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Need milling machine advice!

May 21 2012 at 7:58 PM

Ed Canoles  (Login nced1)

Years ago I bought a discontinued Harbour Freight mill drill for cheap and would like to replace it with a beefier machine. Here's a pic of the machine..........
[linked image]
Matter of fact, the HF mill I bought has a piddly MT2 spindle, parts are starting to deform (like the center pulley bracket) and some even fall off on occasion, however my main complaint is that it's stressing the machine to mill even a 1/2" slot in steel so I "sneak up" on the slots to keep chatter down.

Well......I noticed that Grizzly has what appears to be an adaquate milling machine for my purposes (I don't mill engine blocks....LOL) Here it is at about $1700 including shipping......
It has a 1hp direct drive motor with a R8 spindle, and the head rides on a "dovetail column".

Then I notice that Grizzly also offers this belt drive 2HP machine for less than $1500 including shipping..........
This mill has a round column like my HF mill and so far I really haven't had a problem with the "round column" and I'm wondering if there are any major advantages to a dove tail column.

By the way, the round column machine at around 675 pounds weighs about 50% more that the more expensive direct drive machine.

Any feedback/opinions are welcome!

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