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Anyone Willing To Make a Couple Small Parts...?

May 24 2012 at 9:24 PM

Rob in NC  (Login rob3dr)

I am a new owner of both a mini mill and mini lathe, but to be honest... my 'machining' skills are still only about a step up from a monkey using a file. I'm trying, but just not getting there. Perhaps one day I'll be able to turn out some decent stuff...

but for now, I have two projects that I'm needing help on. Both require threading, which I simply have not been able to 'get'.

I have a Discovery tube that I'd like cut down and threaded. I suppose I could shorten it and try to mill out a copy of what is on the end... not sure which would be the way to go there... Basically, just want to make a Disco carbine. Open to suggestions here.

and I need an adapter made, 1/2 by 20 female. Just the adapter, I can do the rest (I think).

If anyone may be willing to take me up on these, please shoot me an email to discuss.



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