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How do I accurately locate and drill holes offcenter in the SIDE of round stock?

October 7 2013 at 10:22 PM

Ed Canoles  (Login nced1)

I've been searching the internet and all I'm getting is how to drill holes in the center of round stock.

I recently had some success single point threading a piece of 10mm O1 tool steel and was pleased with the result.......
[linked image]

Now I would like to try duplicating something similar to this R10 end cap but I don't know how to locate and drill the dowel and safety button holes in the side of the stock.............
[linked image]

I made a CAD drawing of the part I want to make which is a steel R9 end plug similar to this.......
[linked image]
Using close fitting drill shanks it was pretty easy to measure the outside of two drill shanks and then locate them on center in the CAD program but how in the world would I locate and drill these holes in the correct position relative to each other. was a hassle for me to even MEASURE the holes in the existing part to make the CAD drawing!

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