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December 8 2010 at 1:28 PM
Prophet Belial  (Login Jabez)
TUR Private

It is great to come and find this place still here. Even if there's only a post or two a year.

Outy my friend I miss you. Whatever you are doing in life I hope it's going well. My most vivid memories of UO are the things we accomplished together. From us meeting in Moonglow when I was a noob to the end when we didn't speak much. You were always a dear friend to me and I'm not sure you know this.

The UO experience was so memorable compared to other "game" experiences because WE made the adventure and the stories. It wasn't some pre-fabbed, spoon fed, mouse in a maze, content you get today with WAR, WOW, ect. We made it up as we went along, it was OUR experience and no one elses. We will forever remember what we did.

There's something about Age of Conan that makes me want to go sign up and start a TUR clan there. Build a Keep with our clan. Red banners everywhere.

Outy get a hold of me man. I set it up to EMAIL me if anyone replies, this goes for you all.

Take care you all if I never get to contact you all again do understand I will never forget you, Thanks for the incredible memories.

Bane Chemist

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