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A call to all TUR

April 13 2011 at 2:03 PM
Tyrael  (Login Tyrael)
TUR Private

I am putting this out there for any who should come across it. I am trying to encourage any TUR [in essence old school UO-ers] to come join me on lord of the rings online [LOTRO] its a very stand up game with a very solid community. It is comprised of a very large percentage of old school UO-ers and mud players. Not to mention the smart ones who decided to trickle in from WoW or AoC etc etc.

The game is deep and rich and sure its a level based game [ i know i know, we all love the skill system. me to me to] but it is still pretty enjoyable and the epic story arcs, hell even the non epic quest chains are very fun and engaging.
Its free and honestly even if you have to run it on the lowest graphical settings it still breath taking. I only ask you all to try it out. Plus if you all come maybe Outy will too.

Server info: Landroval
My characters: Raelindir

Those are the main characters i play on, just if you log into landroval add those to friends list, when i am on you can instantly whisper me

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