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Hello back!

January 21 2012 at 2:06 PM
Outy  (Premier Login Outy)

Response to big o howdy

Hi, Bon!

UO is still there, though what remains of TUR Village is pretty tattered. There's still The North Sentry, the Village Center, Dark Gateway, Sentry Watchbox, Batwings n' Toadstools, and The Armory, maintained by Windchaser. In TUR Colonial Hamlet, the Museum building still stands, and the Red Feather Roost below it, maintained by Ocelot. Though, you probably won't find a lot of TURs in either place.

I can really only be found there when there's another maintenance or closer decision to be made.

The Dragon Roost Tavern in TUR Village will be falling in a few days. It is currently unrefreshably Condemned and Fairly Worn. Just a couple notes on it's history before it's gone:
It was placed on 2003-03-26 at 04:19:27
It had 1,584 visits
It had the following Co-Owners:
*Wizard Tyrantt
*Lourdes Ruiz
*Outy Rex Regis
*Roxanne of Barra
It had the following Friends List:
*a little TUR boy
*Outy of the TURs
*Tyrael AzWrath
*Lisseth the Red
*Skye MacLeod
*Skye MacLeod
*Megan Rose
*Cedric Moonblade
*The Wolfman
*Chateau McLaren
*Solange DeCreme
*Stealer Tyrannt
*Rael BloodOmen
*Shadow Walker
*Rekman Bowser
*Euyrik Zvitchzen
*Ian Nightshade
*Elenore Eutrates
*Sophist Gurgeh
*Star Nightsong
*Ocelot Atross
*Nicolai De Silva
*Auwti Dawrks'tof
*Neve Nightsong
*In yonder fields
*Barton Flambu
*Fisher Pryce
*Autumn Twilight
*Aerona McShane
*Tyrantt Smithy
*Lumber Man
*Rianon the Witch
*Cedric Moonblade
*Lucian Highguard
*of Goblins
*Serith GorGor
*Vaus Isen
*Outy Toproot
*Dane The Ruiner


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