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Hey, so happy you two posted!

February 10 2018 at 2:02 AM
jeff - the wolfman  (no login)

Response to Nostalgia Moment

Seems I've missed you two by a while. I think about our TUR family often.

Apparently, you will soon be able to log on the "official" UO servers for free; albeit w/ many restrictions.

I still play Ultima Online on a free shard: It is probably the most populated of the UO freeshards. I plan on giving UO-Outlands a try when it launches:

UOF is very similar to the UO of old with some "unique" content. Even had another TUR family member that was playing in the same guild as I for a while. I'd be happy to help you get started if you have any interest in playing there. It can be a lot of fun; but, be forewarned, the player base is quite toxic and the shard owner is a halfwit. (because of some of those negative aspects I've hesitated to post it here before now, I don't want to tarnish your memory of UO)

I don't think that I'll ever forget staying up late, almost every night, after all the other TURbies had gone to bed and attempting to interrupt Outy's endeavors in the North Sentry to talk to me. Still, other times mindful of being an annoying 17 year old, I'd wait patiently hoping he'd impart some 'secret' knowledge or send me on a task. Most of those late night conversations are lost to time; however, one will always stick with me:

Outy said to me, "Take a look around here. There is history in everything you see; but, unlike in the real world this will never change. There are no stains or scratches on the walls or dents in the furniture." He went on from there, in only the way Outy could and unfortunately after these words my memory fails.

I don't remember what spurred him to say this and I don't remember if he realized how bittersweet it was (though I'm sure he did). Whether or not he explained what he was saying then, I knew that he was trying to tell me: it was up to us to remember: the good times and the bad, all the frustration of battles fought, the laughs we shared and the people that we'd never have the pleasure of speaking to or playing a game with again. I'll always carry those words with me and they will forever stay as bittersweet as the day they were uttered.

Last year, one of my house plants drained on to my passed grandmother's dining room table (my dining room table) and slightly damaged it. I was disappointed when it happened, but since has been a reminder of Outy's words and of TUR: Salem, Skye, Ocelot, Sabrina, Bon, Tyrael, and everyone else I had the pleasure of playing with.

If any of you'd like to contact me directly I'll put my phone number here in a slightly awkward way to try and fool any bots. The last four digits spell: MELT. My area code is 618. And the middle three digits are 588. You'll have to text. I rarely answer my phone unless, by chance, your friend steals your phone and starts calling random people in your contacts list. Know what I mean SaleM? hehe, to be fair I'd probably do the same if someone was listed as "the Wolfman".

Hope all is well,


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