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Dang, linux is nice for the proto typing.Simmons on Aug 7
 Re: Dang, linux is nice for the proto typing.Michael Calkins on Aug 7
  * Nice summary.Anonymous on Aug 7
   * :-)Michael Calkins on Aug 7
  Personally, I've always liked the BSD licenses (once my GNU-found fanboy phase was over)Anonymous on Aug 7
   They're funny people, those Open Source onesAnonymous on Aug 7
 Depends on what you mean by "sell." (Wait for it)Anonymous on Aug 7
  For instance: Using V4L2 or SDL2 in a game.Simmons on Aug 8
   SDL is now under the zlib license-- you "should be" alrightAnonymous on Aug 8
Interfacing with hardwareSimmons on Aug 5
 If you're working with ioctl, you'll be writing drivers (kernel modules).Anonymous on Aug 6
  * P.S. the device it's looking for is something in /dev, probably /dev/videoXXAnonymous on Aug 6
  You're on the moneySimmons on Aug 6
   *#Include libraries didn't come though for some reason, reposting code hereSimmons on Aug 6
    Perhaps you could run the code and post the outputAnonymous on Aug 6
     Oh, code works fineSimmons on Aug 7
      You think that's tidy, try the bash one-linerAnonymous on Aug 7
       * Also, Google itself runs on a bash one-liner-- on Ubuntu at that. But it's very long.Fake News on Aug 7
What is figos?Michael Calkins on Jul 10
 Try the ISO in a VM or extra PC if you can?Anonymous on Jul 10
  whoever you are, you know your stuff. even this on Jul 10
 its mostly refractamn on Jul 10
  Thanks for the answers.Michael Calkins on Jul 10
   xfce and lxde are both wonderful. too bad gtk is getting lousy, theyve depended on itmn on Jul 10
    *xfce and lxde? Pssh... You want xkcdAnon on Jul 20
     A great comic, but terrible at window managementAnonymous on Jul 20
So for a simple laptop / recreational OS I've been using ZorinSimmons on Jul 8
 May have spoke too soonSimmons on Jul 8
  *Odd… I prefer LightDM, and it has never failed me. gdm is very stable+compatible though…Anonymous on Jul 8
 Btw, windows has mount points also.Michael Calkins on Jul 8
  My prev post confused the meaning of mount points.Michael Calkins on Jul 8
   Re:Simmons on Jul 8
    Yeah, it gets me too.Michael Calkins on Jul 8
    Yes, it takes some getting used to, but it can be "superior" at times.Anonymous on Jul 8
*Anyone here know much about GRUB, and booting linux?Simmons on Jul 5
 *I know some stuff about GRUB as used in Debian. Problems?Anonymous on Jul 5
  Playing around with it making a multiboot USB stickSimmons on Jul 5
   If the GParted site says to use that, then by all means, use it :)Anonymous on Jul 5
    I'm doing it this way more for the challenge.Simmons on Jul 6
     Yes, GRUB2 will work on both UEFI and older BIOS systems.Anonymous on Jul 6
      Can you point me to a good GRUB resource?Simmons on Jul 7
       Honestly, Google is my resource!Anonymous on Jul 8
        (URL*) Another possibly helpful resourceAnonymous on Jul 8
        Of course: GIYFSimmons on Jul 9
         * do you consider MBRs to be outdated?Michael Calkins on Jul 9
          I don't think so, they are still in use aren't they?Simmons on Jul 9
           I think MBRs are used up to windows 7. Windows 8 and later use UEFI.Michael Calkins on Jul 9
            MoreMichael Calkins on Jul 9
           LILO is mostly a waste of time.Anonymous on Jul 9
   Re: Playing around with it making a multiboot USB stickAnonymous on Jul 6
MS-DOS style console in linuxSimmons on Jul 2
 You can set aliases to make things simpler, but you won't get an enhanced DOS shell.Anonymous on Jul 5
The latest in the linux saga: Learning curve = learning cliffSimmons on Jul 2
 Yes, please start with the nano text editor, not Vim! :(Anonymous on Jul 5
Serious privilege escalation bug in Unix[-like] OSes imperils servers everywhereAnonymous on Jun 20
 * P.S. smilies prevented the Bash fork bomb at the end from rendering.Anonymous on Jun 20
 *I'm not familiar with the smiley face bash commandsSimmons on Jun 21
  It was meant to be the Bash fork bomb...Anonymous on Jun 21
 This should not affect Windows.Michael Calkins on Jun 23
  stack manipulationMichael Calkins on Jun 23
   a little more reading..Michael Calkins on Jun 23
  *It isn't a bug, it's the feature of the process handling. Depending who you ask.Anonymous on Jun 23
Installing debian to usb driveSimmons on Jun 17
 this is why defaults existAnonymous on Jun 17
  *yup, installation failed, no other infoSimmons on Jun 18
   * it failed the moment you chose debianAnonymous on Jun 18
    I didn't actually get to choose itSimmons on Jun 18
     welp, still better than red hat.Anonymous on Jun 18
      * *Extra Asterisk For Previous Post on Jun 18
If I only ever learn one Linux distro, which would it be?Simmon on Jun 4
 RefractaRefracta on Jun 4
  Skip the downloads that say "nox" and go for "8.3_XFCE"Anonymous on Jun 4
  *what's Refracta going for it, that makes it the only one I need?Simmons on Jun 5
   ThisAnonymous on Jun 5
    Is it flexible?Simmons on Jun 5
     As flexible as DebianAnonymous on Jun 5
 *You might consider FreeBSD.Michael Calkins on Jun 11
  *What makes it stand out?Simmons on Jun 12
   *security, and a lack of new hardware support. its in a class by itself on both of thoseAnonymous on Jun 12
    * Maybe OpenBSD even more so?Michael Calkins on Jun 14
   Re: *What makes it stand out?Michael Calkins on Jun 14

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