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Hello World for LinuxAnonymous on Apr 15
 I still think that's bizarre and weird. (the Int 0x80)Michael Calkins on Apr 15
  Re: I still think that's bizarre and weird. (the Int 0x80)Luke on Apr 16
Remember when systemd was hailed as a sign of armageddon?Anonymous on Apr 8
 For a win-dos peasant like myself, can you expand on systemd?Simmons on Apr 12
  Systemd is the init system used to start services and such on LinuxAnonymous on Apr 16
I found some actual Console terminalsSimmons on Jan 22
 i think you need a serial connectionmn on Jan 23
  *incidentally, if you get a hw term working, id REALLY like you to try this codemn on Jan 23
  The model is a Digital VT100Simmons on Jan 23
   thats the original standard-- the hw term equivalent of the ibm pcmn on Jan 23
    Was VT100 the first out the door?Simmons on Jan 23
     i started computing in the early-to-mid 80smn on Jan 23
What does "sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified" mean?Simmons on Nov 30
 Ask Ubuntu helpsAnonymous on Nov 30
  go for the key-based authenticationmn on Nov 30
Linux directory structureSimmons on Nov 29
 /var/whatever is the defacto standard now, on Nov 29
  I used usr/local for nowSimmons on Nov 29
   you went oldschool, theres nothing wrong with thatmn on Nov 30
    Still trying to get a grasp of the linux file structureSimmons on Nov 30
     this might help. some of it is probably on Nov 30
     You might consult the FHS for some informationAnonymous on Dec 1
      Seems like an artifact the Open Source conceptSimmons on Dec 2
       Documentation is good in generalAnonymous on Dec 2
       its really an artifact of trying to make it run on every possible computermn on Dec 3
        *can we get linux to run on my Apple 2e?Simmons on Jan 22
         ][e ? probably not. we were talking about unix, and gnus NOT unixmn on Jan 23
ASCII GUI over SSHSimmons on Nov 28
 no, no, no-- thats... i dont know (heres what i know)mn on Nov 29
  *so linux qb64 doesnt have a native console / text mode?Simmons on Nov 29
   it does, but not the way you thinkmn on Nov 29
    Here is my situationSimmons on Nov 29
     oh, in that case. i posted about how to do this years ago, im not sure wheremn on Nov 30
      *the fake x server is only if you want to do cgi with qb64. otherwise you dont need itmn on Nov 30
      I hadn't really considered the security aspectSimmons on Nov 30
       * Native terminal support would be a welcome addition, but that means no SCREENAnonymous on Dec 1
distrowatch review of the first linux distro (refracta) with fig includedmn on Oct 26
 * Looks interesting. I'm going to try it on a bootable thumb drive.Dav on Nov 16
  *cool dav. be sure to check out the gif in /usr/share/doc/fig/workinprogressmn on Nov 17
How to attach a program/process to a core?Simmons on Oct 22
 heres the first part:mn on Oct 22
  I think it doesSimmons on Oct 23
  *Do you know how to find the process number of a program?Simmons on Oct 23
   i figure you mean the pidmn on Oct 23
    Can this be automatic?Simmons on Oct 23
     can what be automatic? (almost everything can be automatic)mn on Oct 23
      If stuffSimmons on Oct 24
       of coursemn on Oct 24
        oh and to keep it from wasting cpu, put this before "done"mn on Oct 24
Dual boot Vista and LinuxSimmons on Oct 20
 which distro again?mn on Oct 20
  DebianSimmons on Oct 21
   *glad its still working- its the one i trusted up to and including wheezymn on Oct 21
MN, got linux up and running on an old P4Simmons on Sep 16
 Dammit Simmons... It's mn, not MN...Pete on Sep 16
  "case sensitive" does sound like politically correct bullshitSimmons on Sep 16
   *Bill Gates is a bigot and insensitive to case. Go back to Windows... They have "SafeZone"Pete on Sep 16
   actually i got kicked off campus for being "lactose intolerant"mn on Sep 16
   MN isnt offensive to me, any more than any other typomn on Sep 16
    If this post was made by Drippy, I would reply...Pete on Sep 16
     Try a Bluetooth one back-lit with LED's (link)Drippy on Oct 9
      *Wow! Thats a good deal. Looks like it's out of stock thoughSimmons on Oct 18
       $20 for back lit mini keyboard with touchpadClippy on Oct 18
 *sweet, awesome news simmons. come back if you have on Sep 16

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