* Did you get Pete's permission as he owns the copyright?

by (Login burger2227)

Posted on Mar 1, 2009, 7:30 PM

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Sure, I'd sue him for pirating intellectual property rights but with Bush out of office... on Mar 1
Pete would you please put a FOSS (free/open source)qbguy on Mar 2
 * Why not just make the Forum Header say that "unless specified by author" on Mar 2
 Well here's the thing... on Mar 2
  I cannot agree. Posts here should be assumed to be free to use. on Mar 2
   * Clippy is a registered trademark of the Microsoft corporation. on Mar 3
    * OMG! You mean M$ owns all of my posts? Help! on Mar 3
     * Why is there an asterisk in your post?qbguy on Mar 3
      * on Mar 3
   I have credited other writers. on Mar 3
    * I have credited others also even without them asking. on Mar 3
    I hate giving creditBen on Mar 4
     *Nevermind on Mar 4
      bitmapsBen on Mar 5
       *Nevermind on Mar 5
        REBen on Mar 6
         *Nevermind on Mar 6
          What's this about?Ben on Mar 6
           *Nevermind on Mar 6
     * oops ANOTHER Server Error! I thought I lost the post! on Mar 4
     Re: I hate giving credit on Mar 4
     If I understand you correctly... on Mar 6
      Re: If I understand you correctly... on Mar 7
       For most code posted here, a BSD-style license works wellqbguy on Mar 7
        The shorter poetic version... on Mar 8
         Or the limerick onelkt153 on Mar 9
          * everybody could seelkt153 on Mar 9
        Apparently clauses disclaiming liability must be in uppercase under US law. on Mar 8
         So it would work if I changed it toqbguy on Mar 9
          * just noticed this already was a limerick! And much better than mine at that :(lkt153 on Mar 9
           *Dammit lkt153, I keep telling you when you suck out the venom, remember to spit it out!:) on Mar 9

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