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db9 is what ive always seen for a serial connector. this is both for business machines and home machines. now the only place youll find them is businesses, usually for a printer or scanner or other reader of some kind.

in other words if its not db9, i will be surprised. but as i said, ive never had the pleasure of using a hw console.

at some point youre going to have to try fig, you know, if only so you can take a picture of it running on a vt100.

heres a command you can run today:

python -c "import sys ; print(sys.version)"

that should give you something like:

2.7.9 (default, Aug 13 2016, 16:41:35)
[GCC 4.9.2]

by no means am i going to try to sell you fig over some version of basic. if you love basic, you will love basic.

fig has fewer than 100 commands. its slower than qb64, and if youre comfortable with function calls that contain other function calls, you might actually hate it.

if you have python (you do, its in almost every linux distro) then you can run fig on a physical terminal. but from what youre telling me, you dont even own one yet.

id still love a picture of this running on it:

r 10 # public domain
x 20 # requires iso 6429 / vt100
y 12
start -3.14 : cls
stop   3.14
for p start stop 0.0314
    xcol p  : cos : times r     : plus x : times 2 : int
    yrow p  : sin : times r     : plus y : int
    now "*" : locate yrow, xcol : prints

for now, id love to know what version of python you have, since fig itself runs on python.

Posted on Jan 23, 2017, 4:40 PM

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