What is figos?

by Michael Calkins (Login MCalkins)
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I see there is an iso. I might download it later.

I guess it comes with gcc c++ compiler?

it comes with xfce?

Does it come with ncurses? How about unicode ncursesw?

What midi api does it have? Oss? Alsa? Does it have softsynth?

Can it read or write ntfs? Exfat? Gpt >2tb?

Regards, michael

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Posted on Jul 10, 2017, 10:58 AM

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Try the ISO in a VM or extra PC if you can?Anonymous on Jul 10
 whoever you are, you know your stuff. even this stuff.mn on Jul 10
its mostly refractamn on Jul 10
 Thanks for the answers.Michael Calkins on Jul 10
  xfce and lxde are both wonderful. too bad gtk is getting lousy, theyve depended on itmn on Jul 10
   *xfce and lxde? Pssh... You want xkcdAnon on Jul 20
    A great comic, but terrible at window managementAnonymous on Jul 20

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