Interfacing with hardware

by Simmons (no login)


I'm just starting to read up on IOCTL, can anyone point me towards some resources for programming some really hardcore hardware C++ code?

I like the idea that in linux, I can just open the device and start doing stuff with it. If linux can really make this easier, you might just make a believer out of me yet. (Specifically video capture devices)

Posted on Aug 5, 2017, 2:00 PM

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If you're working with ioctl, you'll be writing drivers (kernel modules).Anonymous on Aug 6
 * P.S. the device it's looking for is something in /dev, probably /dev/videoXXAnonymous on Aug 6
 You're on the moneySimmons on Aug 6
  *#Include libraries didn't come though for some reason, reposting code hereSimmons on Aug 6
   Perhaps you could run the code and post the outputAnonymous on Aug 6
    Oh, code works fineSimmons on Aug 7
     You think that's tidy, try the bash one-linerAnonymous on Aug 7
      * Also, Google itself runs on a bash one-liner-- on Ubuntu at that. But it's very long.Fake News on Aug 7

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