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MN, got linux up and running on an old P4Simmons on Sep 16
 Dammit Simmons... It's mn, not MN...Pete on Sep 16
  "case sensitive" does sound like politically correct bullshitSimmons on Sep 16
   *Bill Gates is a bigot and insensitive to case. Go back to Windows... They have "SafeZone"Pete on Sep 16
   actually i got kicked off campus for being "lactose intolerant"mn on Sep 16
   MN isnt offensive to me, any more than any other typomn on Sep 16
    If this post was made by Drippy, I would reply...Pete on Sep 16
     Try a Bluetooth one back-lit with LED's (link)Drippy on Oct 9
      *Wow! Thats a good deal. Looks like it's out of stock thoughSimmons on Oct 18
       $20 for back lit mini keyboard with touchpadClippy on Oct 18
 *sweet, awesome news simmons. come back if you have on Sep 16
which distro to use? (take 2016)mn on Sep 5
a penguin in a slinky nightgown doesnt do it for me, eithermn on Sep 3
here is the script that puts together my gnu/linux distromn on Aug 29
 thats not what it looks on Aug 29
  if youd like to see the actual code as it should on Aug 29
taco bell programming (url)mn on Aug 27
 Re: taco bell programming (url)Pete on Aug 27
  exactly!mn on Aug 27
 Have you tried any of the newer/open source DOS projects like FreeDOS?Simmons on Aug 29
  caldera opendos and freedosmn on Aug 29
   Dammit, this is America so quit posting in Spanish.Pete on Aug 29
    *Tóhaŋni waŋžíla iyápi iyóhi šni on Aug 29
     *It means "One language is not enough"A Sioux-named boy on Aug 29
in fig: dircmp (compare two directories by filenames)mn on Aug 19
how its made: a bootable linux dvdmn on Aug 4
favorite features? (new and old distros)mn on Jul 16
distro (.iso file) downloader/analyzermn on Jul 8
 distdiff - compare two iso files (including squashfs contents) with md5deepmn on Aug 1
Any livecd distro with built in softsynth?Michael Calkins on Jun 8
 musix or dynebolic are probably the closest thingmn on Jun 8
  isomaster wont necessarily leave a boot cd bootablemn on Jun 8
  *thanksMichael Calkins on Jun 9
 updateMichael Calkins on Jun 9
  Re: updateMichael Calkins on Jun 9
   ansi escapes should work in virtually every distromn on Jun 11
    updateMichael Calkins on Jun 14
     good luck getting page 437 that waymn on Jun 14
      in case it helps: bash page 437 to unicodemn on Jun 16
       for fun, the fig versionmn on Jun 16
     *tiny c compiler segfault was from using enum type as function parameter type.Michael Calkins on Jun 21

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