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rpi ip address mailermn on Dec 25
 this one is wrong, can a mod delete it? on Dec 25
* hi Ildurest: long time no seemn on Dec 10
 It's not just for Breakfast anymore! *Linux on Dec 10
Maybe it's just a Windows problem (Tongue-in-cheek) on Dec 8
 * Linux doesn't get the page error from N54?Clippy on Dec 8
  Not here. But the operating system is probably irrelevant. It's a browser issue. * on Dec 8
   So what browsers work? IE and Chrome don't.Clippy on Dec 9
    Re: Please don't tell me Opera... on Dec 9
     Re: Please don't tell me Opera...Clippy on Dec 9
      Oh this is much better. We can't read any other posts except the top one now. *Clippy on Dec 10
       Yeah, that must be Windows, it's still working fine here on Dec 10
        No, it's an N54 problem...Pete on Dec 10
         That may very well be, but then this is the "Linux" club on Dec 10
Error in topic link! *Clippy on Dec 8
aptitude search vs. my own python toolmn on Nov 29
Why are people called VISTOR here?Clippy on Nov 25
 it's doing the same thing on the cafe, right now, i copied and paste:mn on Nov 25
  *c++ and asm forums too... this has to be a new thingmn on Nov 25
systemd is incredibly difficult to removemn on Nov 24
 ...and you don't mess around with slimmn on Nov 24
GNOME just keeps hitching its wagon to turdsmn on Nov 23
 oh heck, they should just rebuild it around qb64mn on Nov 23
i wonder why clippy doesn't use on Nov 7
 * A more important question: why doesn't he use ReactOS? Pete too! on Nov 7
  depends... if you think linux is an unusable as reactos, that's whymn on Nov 7
   * they just released a new version in the last few days. i haven't tried it yet.Michael Calkins on Nov 11
    it'll be better when they can boot reliably from usbmn on Nov 11
 Because Linux is still just an experiment with too many versionsClippy on Nov 11
  hey, that "experiment" is running the router than connects you to the internetmn on Nov 11
   *now all i need is a firewall that blocks outgoing typosmn on Nov 11
    * What is this, some kind of social club? Then gimme a beer dammit!Clippy on Nov 13
     You've probably had enough already *Anonymous on Nov 13
if you've ever wanted an *8bit* free/libre sys5 unix-like system, now's your chancemn on Nov 2
 * He should have called it CoccyxLuke on Nov 3
  Re: * He should have called it CoccyxPete on Nov 4
   echo XD | tail -1mn on Nov 4
    CarefulLuke on Nov 6
     /* hmm... i c what you mean */mn on Nov 6

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