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laptops vs. desktopsmn on Jan 29
 * You orgot laptop keyboards are ucking useless.Pete on Jan 29
  so true... couldn't think of the best way to word itmn on Jan 29
   * Lenovo <> IBMCorporate Dog Watch on Jan 29
  Best ucking key we ever lost!Clippy on Jan 30
 My desktop is as bad as a laptop to upgrade.Clippy on Jan 30
  people don't upgrade their desktops as often because they last longermn on Jan 30
   Bluetooth has passkeys for keyboardsClippy on Jan 30
    Here's a back lit BT keyboard Pete!Clippy on Jan 31
     Re: Here's a back lit BT keyboard Pete!Pete on Jan 31
      I got the keyboard on the web for about $20 or soClippy on Feb 1
       *Sorry to learn about your small dongle. :(Pete on Feb 1
        It flashes a bit in the dark too! Here's a pretty blue one...Clippy on Feb 1
       BTW, Windows 7 fixed the laptop's internal Bluetooth deviceClippy on Sep 11
      Re: Here's a back lit BT keyboard Pete!Clippy on Feb 2
       * You're wasting energy! I'm feuling up my private jet to put an end to your madness!Not Really Al Gore on Feb 4
        As long as you abuse it, never gonna lose it.Jonathan on Jul 30
Windows 10 is the final nail in the coffin for the Linux desktopClippy on Jan 27
 *what a relief. first the desktop itself was dead, then notebooks, now just linux desktopmn on Jan 27
  I'm down to my last desktop...Clippy on Jan 29
   what gnu/linux has to offermn on Jan 29
Security problems need to be made public: Linus TorvaldsClippy on Jan 20
 *he must be referring to lennart poetteringmn on Jan 20
rename ogg files using vorbis-tools (try on copy/sample folder first)mn on Dec 30
rpi ip address mailer (this one is good)mn on Dec 25
rpi ip address mailermn on Dec 25
 this one is wrong, can a mod delete it? on Dec 25
* hi Ildurest: long time no seemn on Dec 10
 It's not just for Breakfast anymore! *Linux on Dec 10
Maybe it's just a Windows problem (Tongue-in-cheek) on Dec 8
 * Linux doesn't get the page error from N54?Clippy on Dec 8
  Not here. But the operating system is probably irrelevant. It's a browser issue. * on Dec 8
   So what browsers work? IE and Chrome don't.Clippy on Dec 9
    Re: Please don't tell me Opera... on Dec 9
     Re: Please don't tell me Opera...Clippy on Dec 9
      Oh this is much better. We can't read any other posts except the top one now. *Clippy on Dec 10
       Yeah, that must be Windows, it's still working fine here on Dec 10
        No, it's an N54 problem...Pete on Dec 10
         That may very well be, but then this is the "Linux" club on Dec 10
Error in topic link! *Clippy on Dec 8
aptitude search vs. my own python toolmn on Nov 29

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