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Linux Mint 13 on Jan 6
Next version of UbuntuAnonymous on Jan 1
 *is that a joke? on Jan 1
  kinda...mn64 on Jan 1
   Which one is the "start" button on Jan 1
    they're all the start button...mn64 on Jan 1
Long Lines at the stores, computer crashed on Dec 30
 a happy gnu year indeedmn64 on Dec 30
 My XP install almost never crashes. on Dec 31
  I've posted a link to that same lecture before... on Dec 31
  I agree there. on Dec 31
   Re: I agree there. on Dec 31
WINE: WINE Is Not Enoughmn64 on Dec 23
 Have not had much luck with wine either on Dec 24
  i personally don't recommend windows to anyonemn64 on Dec 24
   Windows 7 is actually a very good platform.Pete on Dec 24
    from everything except a privacy perspective, it's better than xp, suremn64 on Dec 24
    Have you forgotten powerbasic?George on Dec 27
     no matter how good it is, i'm sure powerbasic won't replace xpmn64 on Dec 27
  Re: Have not had much luck with wine either on Dec 24
   you're right and wrong, i thinkmn64 on Dec 24
   Just the program from DR.floyd on Dec 24
    i don't think installing the windows version of qb64 would help thismn64 on Dec 24
     not directly on Dec 24
      i was kind of thinking it could possibly help like this:mn64 on Dec 24
       qb64v0954-win on WINE on Dec 25
        same thing happens to me... sadly the package names are not identical (but theyre similar)mn64 on Dec 25
   This one dose work fine, on Dec 24
opening a website from qb64 in gnu/linuxmn64 on Dec 22
 xdg-open on Dec 22
  well, you could add that to the list... in place of iceweasel i guessmn64 on Dec 22
  *please avoid that word. Thank you. on Dec 22
   Aren't you glad he didn't shelll to Brainf....Pete on Dec 22
    there's no question that ben's solution is more BASIC...mn64 on Dec 22
   iceweasel, iceweasel, iceweasel!mn64 on Dec 24
 Why chr$(34) ? on Dec 24
 Why chr$(34) ? on Dec 24
  OOPS! on Dec 24
   why chr$(34)mn64 on Dec 24
 No worries GarryPete on Dec 24
Ambasa OS on Nov 30
 *2.68GB? wow!Dick on Dec 1
*Mr Stallman always talks about free as in beer&free as in speech Where do I get free beerAnonymous on Jul 4
 *even english speakers would call it "libre beer" these daysmn64 on Dec 22
Brain Scan programs run on LinuxAnonymous on Jun 18
This is now possibleAnonymous on Jun 4
 Gentoo now allows you to install a system compiled with x32 abiAnonymous on Jun 10
  *For those who were wondering, time_t is officially 64-bit, so the Y2K38 bug is no problema on Jun 11
Remove French support from LinuxAnonymous on Mar 25
 I pray nobody does this. -_- on Mar 25
  Hehe. I actually didn't catch that at first... on Apr 13
   GNU utilities should be good, as should GNU libc... on Apr 14

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