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one-man petition to pete... bsdmn on Oct 7
 *hey michael, pete:would you mind if this were the linux AND bsd subforum? (see prev post)mn on Oct 7
 Re: one-man petition to pete... bsdMichael Calkins on Oct 10
  *(URL)Michael Calkins on Oct 10
   If Dean wasn't a phantom of the forum, he'd be a great mod here again.Pete on Oct 10
    *he can definitely have my keys if he shows upmn on Oct 11
  that's hilarious, thank youmn on Oct 10
   * :-PMichael Calkins on Oct 10
    * :Dmn on Oct 10
 i withdraw my petition until further noticemn on Oct 10
can michael be given temporary mod status here?mn on Oct 2
 *also if garry can be emailed first, i'm certain that's preferablemn on Oct 2
 * if you plan to stick around, it might as well be you for this subforum also.Michael Calkins on Oct 2
  i'm not entirely comfortable with thatmn on Oct 2
   The spam was deleted by one of the mods, but get this...Pete on Oct 2
    *wild. but who are the current mods?mn on Oct 2
     Re: *wild. but who are the current mods?Pete on Oct 2
      please remove my status in 1 weekmn on Oct 3
       Who'd a ever thunk you'd be a Mod LOL...Clippy on Oct 3
      it turns out, the spam was not entirely deleted (wait for it...)mn on Oct 3
      Re: *wild. but who are the current mods?Michael Calkins on Oct 3
(IMPORTANT) run and install updates todaymn on Sep 26
"first impressions" of systemdmn on Sep 26
 If you ever decide to jump ship...K on Oct 2
  there's always hurd i guessmn on Oct 2
   Hurd will be ready by the third moon in the year of the nybble.Luke on Oct 3
why everyone should sshmn on Sep 25
Linux at the Vatican Library (*URL)Anonymous on Jul 20
 The Second Coming will fix that.Pete on Jul 21
  The second coming of Linus?Clippy on Aug 18
What distro for old, low end laptops?Michael Calkins on May 20
 I have a low end laptopJim on May 30
  Thanks for the response.Michael Calkins on Jun 2
   * Not my job? ...Clippy on Jun 8
    * ?Michael Calkins on Jun 12
 ubuntu isn't the solid, quality xp replacement it used to bemn64 on Sep 15
  We're not going to flashy-thing you anymoreSpelling M.I.B. on Sep 15
  Re: ubuntu isn't the solid, quality xp replacement it used to beMichael Calkins on Sep 17
   just stay true to yourselfmn64 on Sep 17
    Re: just stay true to yourselfMichael Calkins on Sep 17
     firefox is really losing itmn64 on Sep 17
      Why not switch to Oprah?Pete on Sep 17
       *i used it back in my windows days, but by now i've had my phil of itmn64 on Sep 17
        * Did you at least save your bookclub marks?Pete on Sep 18
         *no, but they were mostly pictures of rachel raymn64 on Sep 18
      Re: firefox is really losing itMichael Calkins on Sep 18
       they're always cleaning up memory usagemn64 on Sep 18
   You'll be disappointed with Windows 10 then (UI changes)K on Oct 2
    i actually think that would help a lot of people. it's amazing what throws themmn on Oct 2
 * Probably go with VLCLuke on Sep 25
AmbasaOS forum.fatman2021 on Dec 6
 *AmbasaOS forum is now open ;-)fatman2021 on Dec 6
Help re. ide, geditnigeH on Nov 14
 Re: Help re. ide, geditPete on Dec 2
Linux in your Browser!Anonymous on Aug 16

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