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if i get keys to moderate this forum again,there will be local policy re: All Caps Titlesdibmn on Oct 21
 hey there michaeldibmn on Oct 21
anti-preferences vs. control by userdibmn on Oct 20
your favorite bash alternative?dibmn on Oct 19
 rc shell from Plan 9qbguy on Oct 20
  *sudo apt-get install rc ksh mksh # plan9 rc clone, ksh(openbsd version?), ksh from mirbsdmn on Oct 20
systemd will tell you when to update your kernel (this is NOT modularity)dibmn on Oct 17
 this is getting truly popcorn worthymn on Oct 17
  Gentoo still uses OpenRC as defaultqbguy on Oct 17
   i'm not ready for portage, i guessmn on Oct 17
    *URL - Systemd up for debate again in DebianK on Oct 17
     that's probably about the ian jackson resubmission, and it's a good thingmn on Oct 17
      i hope patrick guignot knows what a tool he ismn on Oct 17
 if you want to "force"software on those with a "choice," gnome:for your corporatmn on Oct 21
  i'm happy to talk about the software i like, toomn on Oct 22
*oh, oh i've got it back... pm-suspend (never used it before, how about that?)mn on Oct 15
Linus Torvalds thinks Systemd is a step in the right directionK on Oct 13
 it's not just about bootingmn on Oct 14
  there is one good thing about systemd (for me, that is)mn on Oct 14
The UNIX System Making Computers Easier To Use (1982 - Bell Laboratories‬)Anonymous on Oct 13
dual-booting debian wheezy and debian kfreebsd wheezymn on Oct 12
 slight erratamn on Oct 12
gnu/linux vs. gnu/kfreebsdmn on Oct 10
one-man petition to pete... bsdmn on Oct 7
 *hey michael, pete:would you mind if this were the linux AND bsd subforum? (see prev post)mn on Oct 7
 Re: one-man petition to pete... bsdMichael Calkins on Oct 10
  *(URL)Michael Calkins on Oct 10
   If Dean wasn't a phantom of the forum, he'd be a great mod here again.Pete on Oct 10
    *he can definitely have my keys if he shows upmn on Oct 11
  that's hilarious, thank youmn on Oct 10
   * :-PMichael Calkins on Oct 10
    * :Dmn on Oct 10
 i withdraw my petition until further noticemn on Oct 10

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