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What distro for old, low end laptops? on May 20
 I have a low end laptopJim on May 30
  Thanks for the response. on Jun 2
   * Not my job? ... on Jun 8
    * ? on Jun 12
 ubuntu isn't the solid, quality xp replacement it used to bemn64 on Sep 15
  We're not going to flashy-thing you anymoreSpelling M.I.B. on Sep 15
  Re: ubuntu isn't the solid, quality xp replacement it used to beMichael Calkins on Sep 17
   just stay true to yourselfmn64 on Sep 17
    Re: just stay true to yourselfMichael Calkins on Sep 17
     firefox is really losing itmn64 on Sep 17
      Why not switch to Oprah?Pete on Sep 17
       *i used it back in my windows days, but by now i've had my phil of itmn64 on Sep 17
        * Did you at least save your bookclub marks?Pete on Sep 18
         *no, but they were mostly pictures of rachel raymn64 on Sep 18
      Re: firefox is really losing itMichael Calkins on Sep 18
       they're always cleaning up memory usagemn64 on Sep 18
   You'll be disappointed with Windows 10 then (UI changes)K on Oct 2
    i actually think that would help a lot of people. it's amazing what throws themmn on Oct 2
 * Probably go with VLCLuke on Sep 25
AmbasaOS forum. on Dec 6
 *AmbasaOS forum is now open ;-) on Dec 6
Help re. ide, geditnigeH on Nov 14
 Re: Help re. ide, geditPete on Dec 2
Linux in your Browser!Anonymous on Aug 16
Does anyone use BSD on their desktop / laptop?Anonymous on Aug 15
64-bit Time on OpenBSDAnonymous on Aug 15
What happed to our servers?Anonymous on Aug 1
 *I like that on Aug 4
Rocket Science and Linux on Jun 8
 But if you look closer...Pete on Jun 8
  You need Winders to take those pictures... on Jun 11
   Offices need windows on Jun 11
    MS slogan that died an aweful death. Windows, life without walls.Pete on Jun 11
     *Good point on Jun 14
     there's a perfectly good reason that slogan made no sensemn64 on Sep 17
ICONS for Linux on Jun 7
Need some help with on Jun 1
 Can compile the chapter files on Jun 1
  You should try mennonites QB tutorial.Pete on Jun 1
   *Where is it ? on Jun 1
    It is an intro to qbasic, but... on Jun 1
     Thanks on Jun 2
      I've noticed your English skills keep improving.Pete on Jun 2
       *thanks on Jun 3

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