Remember when systemd was hailed as a sign of armageddon?

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I recently made the jump to Arch Linux, which means jumping to systemd. After getting everything configured, I still had one problem: my wireless network connection on the laptop didn't work. For years, I've used Debian stable, configuring things using a combination of wpa_passphrase and the /etc/network/interfaces file. After doing things the Arch way, I must say that I'm quite happy with things.

wifi-menu -o presents me with a nice set of dialog boxes asking for information, I input it, and verify that I want it saved (and change the name if desired). Bada-bing, I have a ready-to-use netctl profile.

From there, I simply execute netctl enable PROFILE to create a systemd service that automatically runs on start-up, and voila, I have an automatic network connection.

It's only my first day with Arch, so I can't be objective due to my philoneism, but I'm definitely glad I made the jump. It's not as much of a headache as Gentoo so far, so that's a big plus!

Posted on Apr 8, 2017, 11:41 AM

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For a win-dos peasant like myself, can you expand on systemd?Simmons on Apr 12
 Systemd is the init system used to start services and such on LinuxAnonymous on Apr 16

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