Dang, linux is nice for the proto typing.

by Simmons (no login)

In a weekend I've gotten more done than I did in windows (.net specifically) in a month.

I do have a concern though: With all these dependencies, most opensource, how does this affect copyrights on my code? Like if I want to sell software developed on/for linux. Are there closed source equivalent drivers / libraries I can purchase in linux?

Posted on Aug 7, 2017, 3:36 PM

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Re: Dang, linux is nice for the proto typing.Michael Calkins on Aug 7
 * Nice summary.Anonymous on Aug 7
  * :-)Michael Calkins on Aug 7
 Personally, I've always liked the BSD licenses (once my GNU-found fanboy phase was over)Anonymous on Aug 7
  They're funny people, those Open Source onesAnonymous on Aug 7
Depends on what you mean by "sell." (Wait for it)Anonymous on Aug 7
 For instance: Using V4L2 or SDL2 in a game.Simmons on Aug 8
  SDL is now under the zlib license-- you "should be" alrightAnonymous on Aug 8

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