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Review of Legit's A.J. videos

March 31 2007 at 7:05 PM
Chazman  (Login Chazman)
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Truth about Release:

Much better video then A.J.s original, which basically had little if any mechanical instruction on it.

Listened to A.J.s disertation about the benefits of hitting the "little Homerun" (added 20mph) and the 6* open clubface at impact being optimal, would love to see some scientific evidence to back up his ascertions.

I find it hard to believe that his "little Homerun" can be advantageous over what he calls the blocked or bunted (square clubface throughout entire swing) type of golf swings, considering Mike Austin's (who holds PGA record for longest drive 500+) swing is akin to Joe Dante's method where the clubface is rolled closed on the backswing, and kept that way throughout the entire downswing.

I do see he states you shouldn't try to time the turning over the hands (when the arrows on his 7 wood) get to the ball, and that should only be down in slower motion as a drill to get that timing to be automatic.

Truth about Impact Video:

Here is where A.J. shines, this is the best I have seen on impact, he instructs on what should you do if you are chronically hitting them off the toe or the heel of the club. His fixes are simple, hitting off the toe, line up the ball at the heel at address, and continue to adjust as needed till consistantly hitting in the sweet spot.

He shows the importance of practicing with impact tape, this alone will probably improve more peoples golf swing then 75% of all other golf instruction.

Will try out his release at the range tommorrow, but considering I have tried this stuff with Darrell Klausens swing method (turn the lead hand up to catch raindrops on the downswing) before, I don't expect much more then the usual duck hooks.

Overall, these videos are about 1000% better then his original videos.

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