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I support the AJ Way

February 12 2010 at 1:49 PM
Wild Bill  (Login wrh224wrh)
from IP address

Recently I have recommended the basics put forth by AJ. I was dissappointed to see many negative reviews of the material on the Web. I am a 60+ year old golfer and to be honest, I would not be playing today if not for discovering the CDs provided by AJ. During my early years, I was US Army SF. I banged up my body with a great degree of regularity, and am now paying for the rugged lifestyle. My shoulders, knees and hips need a bit of help. Trying to conform to the "golf swing" promoted by the vast majority of the golfing world, kept me from golfing for almost 24 years. It hurt. Now that I have eliminated my informities by using AJ's methods, I am golfing again with great enjoyment. I learned how to use the tool (golf club) and understand more about the ball and it's characteristics. If you are a young, or even an older golfer with a descent body, AJ's methods may not appeal to you. But for those of us who are more senior, or have a few parts that don't work as advertised, AJ's system WORKS!
Tewnty for years ago I stopped playing because it hurt. This past year I bought and studied The Truth About Golf. When I started playing, I was scoring in the 120s, but the only thing that hurt was my pride. The more I played (and practiced at the range), the better I got. By the end of the year I had dropped about 20 strokes and was still playing pain free. Recently, I played at Myrtle Beach and broke 100 for the first time since I stopped playing years ago. I see no reason that, with the Truth About Golf, I cannot get back to scoring between the mid-eighties and mid-nineties I experienced before giving up the game. THANKS AJ!!

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