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Can Dr. Desarda name Just "one"?

March 16 2010 at 9:21 PM
from IP address

The question still remains that Dr. Desarda is going around telling everyone who visits his website that the "Desarda" hernia type repair is catching on all over the world like the craze of the century.


I will say Amen to that!! Everyone should email Dr. Desarda to find out if he indeed can name "just one" surgeon. I checked out his website and he does answer emails but he cannot name one surgeon who does his repair in the US (or Canada).

Some of us have shown an interest in Dr. Kevin Petersen in Las Vegas who does a pure stitch repair called the McVay repair. We are just layman and cannot tell how this repair differs from Desarda's repair. I am assuming he calls it that because it is named after him. On the other hand, we really don't know if it is significantly different from a Shouldice Repair and he made some modifications.

He is targeting people from the US in particular. I think there are a lot of American Tourists going to India and maybe he takes advantage of that fact.

I really think we need to stay in this country and keep our money here helping US Citizens. I will say AMEN to that.

Some of you may remember a Dr. Peter Anders who commented medical innovations from India a long time ago on Dr. Goodyear's board. He was a visiting from Australia and practiced with well known surgeon Dr. Pearl in San Francisco who is now retired.
He said some of these surgeons made their way to the Shouldice Hospital and learned their technique and took it back to India. If you visit the Shouldice Hospital website you will notice some foreign names and sometimes some Indian type names. Their surgeon roster changes from time to time. In other words, they learn their technique and take it back to India. So I am not saying Dr. Desarda has "renamed" Shouldice as his own!!! If he did, he would have pulled a slick
American Idol !!

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Prof. Dr. Desarda M.P.

Re: Can Dr. Desarda name Just "one"?

March 24 2010, 11:45 AM 

This is a copy of two emails sent by Jack Klinchuch on 19.3.2010 AND 23.3.2010 to us. He was operated by Dr. Burns from California one month ago.

EMAIL 1 DT. 19.3.2010

I just wanted to express my appreciation to Dr Desarda in Pune, India for developing his inguinal hernia repair approach and making it available to the rest of the world. Dr Desardas approach uses no mesh or plug and is tension-free. My research in the internet indicated to me that mesh and plugs can create long term complications and potentially chronic pain. Dr Desardas approach uses no foreign material in the body other than dissolvable stitches. It is also tension free and has a record of almost no recurrences, which is as good or better than any mesh or plug approach, per my internet research. Since it is tension free, pain is greatly reduced. I am not a doctor, so everyone should do their own research and then make a decision. I had his hernia repair surgery done in the U.S. three weeks ago by Dr Burns who is located in Newport Beach, California, USA (I am providing contact information below). After the second day, I walked two miles (I don't know if that was the correct thing to do, but I felt that good). After the third day I just took a couple of tylenol for pain and after the fourth day, nothing for pain. So far I am doing very well. I had two surgeries done at the same time - the hernia repair and a removal of a spermatocele. Some small swelling still exists now after three weeks. I understand the swelling is a healing ridge (probably from the spermatocele removal). I am 69 years old. I have no chronic pain at this point and have no reason to expect any in the future, which can occur with mesh or plug hernia repair.
Although I must give much credit to Dr Desarda and Dr Burns, I must give most of the credit to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who died for my sins and is the ultimate healer. It was through His help that I was guided to contact Dr Desarda and the surgeons who performed by surgery. I also had many people who prayed for me and with me.
Dr Burns Information:
Robert G. Burns, M.D., Ph.D.
General and Vascular Surgery
Suite 608
360 San Miguel Drive
Newport Beach, California 92660
TEL (949) 760 1144
FAX (949 760 1588)
Dr. Burns has been included in "The Best Doctors in America" by the publication of the same name for several years.

EMAIL 2 DATED 23.3.2010

Dear Dr Desarda
I saw Dr Burns a few days ago as a final check-up on me after the surgery. He said that a man contacted his office from Peru regarding the "Desarda" hernia repair approach. I think that he will be performing the surgery on the man from Peru. In one sense, the hernia center is already established. Dr Burns probably does more hernia operations than any other surgeon in Orange County, California. He seems to be entirely willing to perform the "Desarda" inguinal hernia repair approach on patients that contact him. It is best to contact his office. You may have better success mailing his office or calling his office. I have never tried his email address.
However, from what I see, I think the hernia center that does "Desarda" repair is already established as I mentioned.
Jack Klinchuch

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Re: Can Dr. Desarda name Just "one"?

March 24 2010, 1:48 PM 

This is a great post!! I will make sure some interested patients receive this information. I know of two hurting from prior mesh repairs.

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Re: Can Dr. Desarda name Just "one"?

March 24 2010, 5:19 PM 

Do you know if Dr. Desarda works on individuals with mesh problems/both open and closed (lap)?

These could be a dilemma that even Dr. Goodyear does not tackle (from prior) lap inguinal hernia repairs?

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Restaurant Man

Re: Can Dr. Desarda name Just "one"?

March 24 2010, 6:49 PM 

I think some of these meshes cost several hundred dollars each!!
So far I don't have any pain from it. The repair costs more than the "stitch" repair I had on the other side by Dr. Petersen!!! Dr. Petersen uses a Mcvay repair which is different than "Desarda's" repair.

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Re: Can Dr. Desarda name Just "one"?

March 24 2010, 9:55 PM 

Is a Desarda Repair the same as a Stoppa Repair?

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David Asbery

My own Desarda repair

December 5 2010, 5:23 AM 

I would like to add my 2 cents worth. After I was diagnosed with a single inguinal hernia I very quickly came realise that:-
1/ too many doctors put commercial interests first (Hernia repairs can be very lucrative -especially specialised Hernia centers)
2/ Mesh repairs sometimes result in long term complications and terrible pain for the patients, This is not well known -and I think underreported.

I had the Desarda repair, done by Dr. Desarda in India. I have a very good health insurance and logically would have had a mesh operation in a private clinic in Switzerland. (The surgeon I saw originally wanted to do a double mesh repair!- and it was only at the last minute I said wait a minute- this is a bit rushed ) I was not duped by anyone but spent the best part of a year of educating myself on the different methods before making my decision. It is now 2 years later and I believe that I made a very good decision. The only qualification I would make is that you have to expect some pain with any hernia operation. However to have some pain for a few days is a price worth paying to reduce the risk (however small) of chronic pain lasting for years.

Of course this operation is similar to Shouldice in some ways - but what differs is the use of muscle to reinforce weakened area - but I am not a doctor. I find it very diffcult to believe that Dr. Desarda does not respond to emails, but if Randy would really like to find out how the Desarda's repair differs from Shouldice, maybe he would like to contact one of the following surgeons who I understand use or have used the Desarda method in the States.

Jarrod P. Kaufman, M.D. FAS
NJ State Chair, Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons
901 West Main Street Suite 107 MAB Freehold, NJ 07728

Zafar Parvez, MD
1381 E. Herndon Ave #104, Fresno, CA 93720
Tel: (559) 438-3000
Fax: (559) 439-0300

Robert G. Burns, M.D., Ph.D.
General and Vascular Surgery
Suite 608, 360 San Miguel Drive Newport Beach, California 92660
TEL (949) 760 1144 FAX (949 760 1588)

I have had not contact with Dr. Desarda since my operation so the situation may have changed but it seems that his method is still fairly marginal. That doesn't mean that this is the way things should be -or that the Desarda repair is not excellent -which is my impression. There are other doctors in a number of other countries who are listed on Dr' Desarda's web site who use or have used his method and there is also a video of a complete operation so there is really no excuse for Randy not being able to see how this operation is really done.
But I wonder wether (Dr.?) Randy is really interested in a objective appraisal of any technique other than the one he uses.

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Re: My own Desarda repair

December 5 2010, 11:42 AM 

To Dave

I don't get your post. Is your repair good or isn't it?
Your post seems confusing if you are talking about yourself or someone else.

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Fred Amir

The Desarda Repair Done in the US

December 5 2010, 2:20 PM 

I am surprise that Randy make such an statement about Dr. Desarda. He has given all a surgeon needs to know to do the repair, even a video of it is online. He could have kept the details to himself.

I had my Desarda repair done by Dr. Parvez in Fresno, California, on October 07, 2010, and I am very happy with the results. Like others in this forum I did not want to have a mesh placed in my body and got tired of mesh salesmen masquerading as doctors.

Dr. Desarda's method uses a tendon to repair the hernia. A tendon is thin, elastic and much tougher than a muscle. Thus you get a tension-free repair. Tendon also ages much more slowly than a muscle. When hernia is repaired using a muscle recurrence rate is 15%, therefore when a tendon is used the repair can usually last a lifetime.

You can read my story at

Fred Amir

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The Desarda Repair

December 5 2010, 3:42 PM 

Whenever I see posts such as these I immediately start to get suspicious of the intent behind them. They smack of shills who have a hidden agenda - usually to promote something on behalf of someone else, or themselves. Sorry guys but I aint buyin' it. I'm also not buying your book Mr. Amir - which you rather shamelessly directed us to on your website. I'd seriously question anyone's scholarship when I see them state that simply pushing a hernia back in and perhaps wearing a truss makes one able to avoid surgery. Try some direct advertising guys - since the new year is coming up how about a Desarda calendar?

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Is Desarda as good as some are saying?

May 19 2016, 5:09 AM 


I need a right inguinal hernia repair, and I'm trying to gather as much info, feedback, and data, as possible.

Please contact me and let me know what ended up happening? Who you went to? How you are now? If you are back to 100% or if you had a recurrence? What other important findings you discovered while researching this? Etc....

Thank you!
Philip Victor Ongert
seven zero two four six six five four five six

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Samuel Gill

My experience with Dasarda Technique

June 10 2016, 6:31 PM 

Now, here is original patient with full experience - and comparison also.
I am a paramedic from Indian Railways - diabetic and got inguinal hernia.
I was very happy to see option of no mesh hernia and as I was residing in Pune at that time - met dr dasarda.
His charges very high as comparable to open surgery.
When I reported at given day, charges were elevated for being diabetic and was suggested to use semi luxury package which according to him will be good for reducing chances of infection.
Now, this was not digestable - my pocket was breached heavily as I was not in service then.
Anyway, surgery was smooth - support staff was good - and I came out walking with ease.
Was pissed off due to the way money was enhanced ....
Within few months I got I. Hernia on right side too and this time I was in Canada.
I travelled back to India and get open surgery with mesh from dinanath mangeshkar hospital,Pune
Dr was good and it was very well done and in 1/3! Of what i paid to dr dasarda
After almost a year, I am having pain with heaviness on right side and Drs in Canada dont consider this a pathological condition

Now, dasarda on left and mesh on right - I am in fix what should I do ?
Although gave a bad review but in practical technique seems to be far better than mesh repair.
Note- anyone doubting ?
Contact me - will send my discharge note.

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Desarda doctor

July 26 2016, 8:50 PM 

Randy, take a look:

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