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Hernia Surgery & MRI

January 1 2011 at 3:17 PM
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Hey guys,

First, Happy New Year to everyone. I'm hoping for a pain free year for everyone on this board!

I had a hernia repair done by Dr. Grischkan a couple of months ago. Dr. Grischkan had removed mesh from a previous lap surgery and repaired the hernia using his modified shouldice technique. I have been very pleased with the results and have made a full recovery.

Yesterday I had a MRI done on the thoracic region of my back, due to a car wreck I was in where I was rear ended. I had called Dr. Grischkan's office to make sure that I had no metal implanted in me during the surgery. The nurse told me, only tiny titanium screws were implanted. I wasn't very worried after hearing this, since Titanium isn't considered magnetic. I also informed the medical staff working the MRI about my surgery and they said it shouldn't be a problem.

After the MRI and today, the area around my surgery is very sore. I'm hoping that this is just temporary and that it will pass in the next couple of days.

I was wondering if anyone on this board has had a similar experience as this? I know it's kinda strange, and I'll probably follow up with Dr. G on Monday.



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Re: Hernia Surgery & MRI

January 1 2011, 4:09 PM 

Wait...titanium screws?? When I was considering him, his website stated that instead of using the stainless steel sutures that Shouldice in Canada uses, that he uses standard suture material. When did he start using titanium screws? And where is he putting these screws? From his website, he is only using a small enough piece of Goretex to line the floor of the inguinal canal - which is definitely not large enough to cover part of the pubic bone to anchor it too.

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Re: Hernia Surgery & MRI

January 1 2011, 4:52 PM 

Dr. Grischkan may use titanium clips in umbilical hernias. What type of hernia did you have?

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March 27 2015, 3:11 AM 

I spoke with staff recently, they assured me that Dr. Grischkan absolutely does not use any "metal" in his surgeries.

I was unable to get a straight answer as to whether or not the doctor used some kind of transition metal (Titanium)

I attempted quite voraciously to obtain an answer as to whether or not the doctor uses "metal" in his surgeries after obtaining a CT scan in the surgical region following excessive bleeding after surgery and feelings of tightness along tissues that run from the groin to the chest that are interconnected. The CT scan technician claimed that she could see a metal clip in the image.

A direct quote from the doctor relayed by the staff was "There is no metal clip used" in response to my inquiry.

I questioned this notification, wanting to hear from the doctor himself so that I could hear his voice on the matter. Still I have yet to hear back from the doctor, I've been attempting to make contact for about 10 months since my last surgery.

I'm actually willing to bet that there is some kind of metal that was used in my surgery, and that if I were to have an MRI, it may cause damage. But again, I am still attempting to make contact with the surgeon himself.

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