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Surgery on 2/11/15

January 30 2015 at 11:35 AM
Anthony Gangaram 
from IP address

Hello everyone,

I'm having laprascopic surgery for bilateral inguinal hernias on 2/11/15 and have heard great things about my surgeon and took time to find the best surgeon I could find with my insurance.

I just have a few post op general questions that I couldn't find much info about online.

My biggest concern is sleeping, I can't sleep on my back at all, and my guess is that on the side is out of the picture after the operation. I was planning to just fall back on sitting and hopefully I knock out there but some clarification would be nice.


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Re: Surgery on 2/11/15

February 4 2015, 10:04 AM 

If you cannot sleep on back due to a disability or such, I guess the surgeon is the best bet to suggest a way to relax. But in my office one guy had a shoulder surgery and slept on a recliner for two weeks or so. May be you can find a recliner that helps?

A case like this is hard to generalize and it the surgeon is the best point to get information. My $0.02

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Anthony Gangaram

Re: Surgery on 2/11/15

March 13 2015, 1:51 PM 

My surgery was postponed to the next week (2/18) due to having a 100.3 temperature. Surgeon didn't want to operate and I'm glad he didn't. So far 3 weeks out of recovery and for now I feel great, minor twinges here and there depending on what I do. The sleep turned out to not be much of an issue since the pain killers knocked me out. I'd say the dizziness from the anesthesia the first two days was the worse part. Couldn't keep my head up longer than 10 seconds without the feeling to throw up.

I know it might be early to tell, but if anyone is looking for a surgeon in NJ, I recommend Dr. Anroy Ottley. Very caring surgeon and addressed all my questions and seems very educated about the mesh issues. He explained he uses a mesh that is velcro like, so no sutures or tacts are needed helping to reduce chronic pain that would be caused by nerves being hit. Obviously there's still a chance, but he was aware of the mesh issues and seemed to hone his skills to avoid them. Also, he does 15-20 laporascopic a month, but I didn't ask how many open he does since I was not having that done.

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Dr. Shirin Towfig

February 18 2015, 8:31 AM 

I would also look into Dr. Shirin Towfigh, she is associated with Dr. Bruce Ramshaw and other mesh/hernia experts. She has videos on youtube of some patients who had mesh removal. If she is anything like Dr. Ramshaw you will be in excellent hands.

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