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3 weeks post-op right open inguinal hernia repair/STABBING PAIN

March 22 2017 at 10:30 AM
from IP address

I'm 3 weeks post-op today and the 1st week was OK with pain, very swollen in all the "area's". Surgery was done in NY buy what I think is a skilled General Surgeon that does a lot of hernia repairs. Pre-op I was in a lot of pain with burning, pinching and numbness in the right groin with very little evidence of a hernia (was hard to diagnose) from onset to surgery was around 6 weeks. 2-3rd week post-op I'm having intermittent(more then not) stabbing pains in and around my incision, area still numb so hard to exactly pin-point exactly where but in and around the scar. some of the time it lasts only seconds but others longer and stronger pain(not debilitating) but trust me they are there. I walk every 1/2 hour to hour to keep blood flowing, I'm back to work since I have a "desk job" no lifting or activity is needed and I'm certainly not back to the gym(sorry for the long winded story) Bottom line does this sound like "NORMAL HEALING" at the 3 week time or should I start to worry about NERVE ISSUES??? PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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Pain Syndromes

May 1 2017, 8:17 AM 

I would be careful with this pain you describe. This is highly abnormal so short after surgery. It sounds like you need to see Dr. Goodyear or another qualified physician who does "tension free" repairs. It sounds like your repair created a lot of pull in the area. It may have even hit a nerve, in which case you might experience burning or tingling pain. Give it a few weeks. If symptoms do not improve, action is required. The mesh can be removed and replaced. However, more surgeries generally equal more pain long term. Thus, it is important to find a surgeon who will thoroughly review the operative report and recognize the possible complications of the type of repair that was used. Good luck.

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